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Johnny Main

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Onslaught are one of Britain's first thrash Metal bands and were formed in Bristol during the early 1980s by guitarists Nige Rockett and Steve Grice.

The band had a solid following before they split up in the early 1990s and when they reformed in 2005 they found that their fan base hadn't deserted them and they were also picking up newer fans, so the Onslaught story continues apace with their first release of new material since 2007.

'VI' contains nine high quality tracks and 'Dead Man Walking' is one such number, as well as being one of my favourites on the album. With a short sharp guitar riff played at breakneck speed, vocalist Sy Keelers comes in with a voice that just sounds so deliciously evil as the song progresses.

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There's no let up here at all - it's just five minutes of solid heavy metal and when he says that he will "drain the lifeblood from your heart" and he'll "tear your fucking world apart" you could almost imagine him psyching himself up in the studio prior to the recording in order to give the song the justice that it deserves.

'66 'Fucking' 6' was the first publicly released song and was critically acclaimed by fans and critics alike. The track itself starts off with what sounds like a music box or a childs toy which is creepy enough before Keeler shouts "66 Fuckin' 6" at full volume and the main riff kicks in - hard and heavy is what sums this tack up.

When Keeler sings lines about being "louder, harder, faster, darker, stronger" he sings it with such passion that it becomes almost infectious and you can't help but sing along after only a few listens. There's an outstanding solo in the latter half of the track which is one of the best solos on album which in turn makes this song among the best here. It's just a pity that its chances of radio play are somewhat diminished (for the obvious reason!), but the track could be and should be a rallying cry for the Metal legions throughout the world.


'Fuel For My Fire' has a nice chord based intro before the pounding drums of Mike Hourihan carry you forward into a song backed up with another solid guitar riff. There's another catchy chorus that you can't help but sing along to and even though I've had this album on repeat for the best part of a week, I'm still loving every second of it.

There's plenty of opportunity for the band to spread this song out in a live environment and this track has certainly been added to my September 2013 play list.

It's not all thrash here though, as the band demonstrate with 'Children Of The Sand' which is a nice mid-paced song. The female vocals spread throughout the track are a nice touch and add an extra dimension to the song whilst being in juxtaposition to Keeler's harder vocal style. The slower nature of the track gives each member of the band a chance to shine on their own merits as opposed to simply racing through the song. There's also another great guitar solo thrown into the mix for good measure.

If thrash Metal is your thing, then I can heartily recommend that you give this album a spin because at the end of this day, this is a very accomplished album - no-one is trying to re-invent anything here but it just proves that Onslaught are still a vital force in British Metal and they also have the tunes to compete against their US and European counterparts.

Track Listing:
A New World Order
Chaos Is King
Fuel for My Fire
Children of the Sand
66 'Fucking' 6
Dead Man Walking
Enemy of My Enemy

You can see Onslaught live here:
Wednesday 9th October - Blyth and Tyne, Northumberland
Thursday 10th October - Temple, The Institute, Birmingham
Friday 11th October - Bierkeller, Bristol
Saturday 12th October - The Garage, London
Monday 14th October - Hirsch, Nurnberg
Tuesday 15th October - Steinbruchtheater, Traisa
Wednesday 16th October - Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg Ludwigsburg
Thursday 17th October - Bastard Club, Osnabrück
Saturday 19th October - Messehalle, Straubing
Sunday 20th October - Dynamo, Eindhoven
Monday 21st October - Vortex Club, Stegen
Tuesday 22nd October - Matrix, Bochum
Wednesday 23rd October - Stengade, Copenhagen
Thursday 24th October - John Dee, Sankt Hanshaugen
Friday 25th October - Kick, Kristiansand
Saturday 26th October - Sandnes Kulturhus, Sandnes
Tuesday 29th October - Klubbi, Tampere
Wednesday 30th October - Melna Piektdiena, Riga
Thursday 31st October - New York, Vilnius
Saturday 2nd November - Progresja, Warsaw
Sunday 3rd November - Kwadrat, Cracow
Friday 15th November - Buenos Aires
Saturday 16th November - Fortaleza
Tuesday 19th November - Porto Alegre
Wednesday 20th November - Sao Paulo
Friday 22nd November - Asuncion
Saturday 23rd November - Cochabamba
Sunday 24th November - Santiago
Tuesday 26th November - Lima
Wednesday 27th November - Arequipa
Friday 29th November - Mexico City
Saturday 30th November - Mexico

You can watch the official lyric video for 'Chaos Is King' here:

Onslaught are:
Sy Keeler – Vocals
Nige Rockett – Guitar
Andy Rosser-Davies – Guitar
Jeff Williams – Bass Guitar
Mike Hourihan – Drums

Official Website:

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