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Johnny Main

johnny main

motorhead aftershock

Thirty eight years after the band first started, Motörhead are still playing to sold out venues across the world as well and influencing a whole new generation of musicians like they did for Anthrax, Megadeth and Metallica all those years ago. 'Aftershock' is their twenty first album (and their first since 2010s 'The World Is Yours') and proves that this band still have a lot to offer.

'Aftershock', simply put, is fourteen cuts of pure straight ahead rock'n'roll that collectively make one of the very best albums that Motörhead have put out in the last decade. Producer Cameron Webb just seems to bring the best out of the band and album after album that he's produced just get better and better.

'Aftershock' is off to a good solid start with the fast 'Heartbreaker', replete with its catchy chorus as the band hurtles through the track. Likewise, 'Going To Mexico' continues this template albeit without the catchy chorus this time. Guitarist Phil Campbell plays a great solo though, which more than compensates for it.

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'Paralyzed' is another thrill ride from start to finish and its frantic pace doesn't let up for a second. Drummer Mikkey Dee should be commended on his ability to knock out these relentless rhythms time and again, without missing a single beat whilst Campbell again delivers a top notch guitar solo - this track is classic Motörhead and no mistake.

'End Of Time' is possibly the fastest song on the album with some short punchy lyrics from Lemmy. The sudden stop after the guitar solo really is the only way to end the track without the slow death of a fade out - great stuff.

'Silence When You Speak To Me' is a nice mid-paced number with a chunky riff and a simple drum beat. There's another catchy chorus too which means that this is another song that will stick in your head quite quickly. An effects laden, wailing guitar solo from Campbell adds an extra dimension to the sound - another Motörhead classic? Well, I certainly wouldn't bet against it.

'Crying Shame' too, is another mid-paced number with Campbell again providing a catchy guitar hook whilst Lemmy's vocals come across loud and clear.

Also worthy of mention are 'Lost Woman Blues' which is the slowest song on the album by a fair way, and is also one of my favourites. Motörhead do hard rock tracks very well but they also excel with their blues based tunes and this track is just superb. Lemmy's voice comes across really well sitting on top of the simple guitar sound while Dees' drumming is sympathetic, creating something very special.

'Dust And Glass' is another bluesy number with Lemmy's voice sounding particularly gravely, and the slow tempo is what makes this number. Campbell has time to draw out the guitar solo while Dees' dexterity on the drum kit is more evident here than anywhere else. It's certainly become a favourite of mine already and the track gets added to my November 2013 play list.

It's clear from this album that Motörhead are not in any way, shape or form a nostalgia band living on past glories - this band are current and have so much more still to give, so let's hope that Lemmy recovers fully from the ailments that have dogged him over the past few months and that the band continues on for a long time to come.

Coup de Grace
Lost Woman Blues
End Of Time
Do You Believe
Death Machine
Dust And Glass
Going To Mexico
Silence When You Speak To Me
Crying Shame
Queen Of The Damned
Keep Your Powder Dry

You can watch the official video for 'Heartbreaker' here:

Motörhead are:
Lemmy Kilmister - Bass/Vocals
Philip Campbell - Guitars
Mikkey Dee - Drums

Official Website: http://iMotö

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