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Johnny Main

johnny main


It you like good old fashioned no-nonsense rock n' roll, then Sideburn have an album that you should consider. If you take elements of classic good time rock bands like Status Quo, AC/DC and Airbourne and mix them all together, then you pretty much end up with this band of hard working Switzerland based rockers.

'Bite The Bullet' and 'Bad Boys, Bad Girls, Rock N' Roll' are, you have to admit, very similar to Airbourne with their fast and frantic pace. Here, though, the guitars are less prominent in the overall mix which in turn gives vocalist Roland Pierrehumbert his chance to show what he can do with his big, powerful voice.

Both tracks have incredibly catchy choruses and listening to only these two tracks, you just know that this is going to be a fun album to listen to. I mean - with hard, heavy riffs and catchy choruses galore - what's not to like?

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'Shady Katy' with yet another catchy chorus and a really good guitar solo has the makings of a classic rock tune - something which some bands would love to write but just can't! The track has a solid bass line from Nick Thornton which works well with the drum beat provided by Lionel Blanc over which the simple guitar riff is placed.

The band describe themselves as "pure rock" as opposed to "classic rock" but what 'Shady Katy' shows is that whatever label the band place themselves under, there is one this that is undeniable - they are a fantastic rock band and I only hope their live show is as good as they sound on record.


The bottom line, though, is that this album is littered with great songs - take 'Never Get Down' for example. With it's slower bluesy rock sound, Pierrehumbert gets the chance to show his more subtle singing style off rather than his more rocky vocal approach as seen on some of the other tracks. There's also a nice subtle guitar here along with a memorable chorus that will (or certainly should) have you singing along after relatively few listens.

Likewise, 'Travellin Man' is another slower number that has a certain swagger about it. Any song that contains the phrase "boogie woogie" is good with me and the song itself just has a great feel about it with Pierrehumberts' voice sounding not unlike Brian Johnson of AC/DC. This track certainly makes its way onto my personal play list for November 2013, having already been replayed several times since I first listened to the album.

Hopefully the band manage to get a bit if rock radio play with the track too and, if they've got any sense, they should add it to their live set list too as I'm sure it would go down a storm with a live audience.

The bottom line for me is that when the summer does eventually return, this is the album that you should be blasting out at the back garden barbeque or the CD that you should put on when cruising down the motorway because if it doesn't put a smile on your face then nothing will - this is good time party music through and through.

Bite the Bullet
Devil May Care
Boys, Bad Girls, Rock N' Roll
Black Powder
Never Get Down
Mr. Clean
Shady Katy
Travellin' Man
Bad Reputation
Destination Nowhere

Sideburn are:
Roland Pierrehumbert - Lead Vocal
Lawrence Lina - Ryythm & Lead Guitar
Mikael Riffart - Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Nick Thornton - Bass
Lionel Blanc - Drums

Official Website:

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