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'Brute Force And Ignorance' EP
(Night of the Vinyl Dead Records)

Johnny Main

johnny main

def con one

Newcastle quartet Def Con One are gaining a solid reputation for both their live shows and their recorded material.

With their debut album 'Warface' becoming a critical success (the MetalTalk review can be found here), they are showing no signs of letting up with the release of the 'Brute Force And Ignorance' EP which contains four tracks of brutal power and musical integrity.

Kicking off with the title track, from start to finish it's a furious trip. The solid guitar riff from Johnny Hunter doesn't let up for a second whilst drummer Antton Lant shows incredible dexterity punching out the drum beat. Vocalist Danny Meikle does his best to spit out the vocal lines as quickly as he can getting a respite during the more straightforward chorus section but it's certainly a full on assault early on.

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'Caving In', a reworking of a track that originally appeared on the 2011 EP 'Def-Con-One' (from where I originally discovered the band) but this new version is just superior in everyway from the previous version but that's not to say that the old version is in any way inferior - it's just that the new version just shows how much the band have gelled since the original recording.

In the new version, Meikles' opening vocal lines are whispered and as such requires a good couple of re-listens (at full volume) to work out what's being said. Once the track itself properly gets started, it's another full paced aural assault. Hunter, again, delivers a great guitar solo which really drives the track along. Bass player Steve Miller gets his moment of glory too in the middle of the track as the bass guitar comes fully to the fore.

def con one

'No More Hate' is the penultimate track here and is another track re-worded from the bands early days and like the previous track, features Meikles' whispered vocals before the track blasts out of the speakers. Hunter outdoes himself with the guitar riff here whilst Meikle gives everything in his vocal performance producing a truly astounding track.

The final track, 'Weapons of War', is another reworked track from the 2011 'Def-Con-One' EP and like the other re-worked tracks, this sounds so much more 'together' and heavier than the previous version. Lant's drum beat is interchangeable at times which keeps the interest going whilst Meikle once again gives a great performance especially during the choruses with the extended. A great end to a great EP, and I look forward to hearing another full album from the band in 2014.

Brute Force And Ignorance
Caving In
No More Hate
Weapons of War

You can hear the track 'Weapons of War' here:

Def Con One are:
Davey Meikle – Vocals
Johnny Hunter – Guitar
Steve Miller – Bass Guitar
Antton Lant – Drums

Official Website:

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