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Glasgow, Ivory Blacks
11th December 2011

Johnny Main

daryl soar

It's been a long time since Napalm Death played Glasgow, which could have accounted for the large turnout tonight. The fact this was a 14+ show also probably helped, and there was a good mix of older ND fans compared to some who were seeing the band for the first time.


After a short introduction, Mark 'Barney' Greenway got things underway by announcing that as it was the 30th anniversary of the band, we'd be treated to a Christmas Selection Box of tracks, ranging from the band's first album to the latest one - 'Utilitarian' - which is due for release in February 2012.

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The very vocal crowd made the band feel welcome as they ploughed through 'Unchallenged Hate' and the anti-war song, 'Continuing War On Stupidity', as the first crowd surfers appeared during 'Next On The List'. Greenway pointed out that they were going to be self-indulgent by performing a trio of covers: Cryptic Slaughter's 'Lowlife', the Seige song 'Conform' and 'Nazi Punks F**k Off' by The Dead Kennedys - all of which went down well. Also included was a brand new song in the form of 'Quarantined' which will be on the band's forthcoming album.


By this point, the crowd surfers were coming thick and fast as the band went through 'Mentally Murdered', 'Life?', 'M.A.D.' and arguably their most famous song, 'Scum'. With the final notes of 'Silence Is Deafening' ringing in our ears and despite shouts of "one more tune!", it was all over. A great set from a band who can still pull a sizeable crowd on a cold Sunday night in Glasgow.

Special mention must be made of Shadowthrone, a young band from Airdrie, who showed great potential during their set and finished off with a very respectable cover of the Exodus song, 'War Is My Shepherd'.



Downbeat Clique
Unchallenged Hate
Continuing War On Stupidity
Next On The List
Lucid Fairytale When All Is Said And Done
Life And Limb
Lowlife (Cryptic Slaughter cover)
The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code
Mentally Murdered
On The Brink Of Extinction
Conform (Siege cover)
Nazi Punks F**k Off (Dead Kennedys cover)
Suffer The Children
Silence Is Deafening

Band Members:

Mark 'Barney' Greenway: vocals
Mitch Harris: guitars, backing vocals
Shane Embury: bass
Danny Herrera: drums



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