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'Bula Quo' DVD
(Universal Music)

Johnny Main

johnny main

status quo

In case you weren't aware, there are two different versions of Status Quo currently active. The first is the "Classic" Quo line up (dubbed "The Frantic Four") which has drummer John Coghlan and bass player Alan Lancaster, who featured in the band during the seventies, and early eighties alongside Quo stalwarts Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt who have announced a final set of tour dates for this line up in Europe during March and April where they only play material from the seventies back catalogue only.

The other band is "current" Quo (also referred to as "Panto" or "Cabaret" Quo) comprising of Rossi and Parfitt alongside bass player John 'Rhino' Edwards, keyboard player Andy Bown and new drummer Leon Cave, who have just completed their annual Winter tour playing all the big hits from the seventies and eighties with other material recorded in the late eighties and beyond.

This band are currently taking a break until the end of April when they will be undertaking several high profile slots on the European festival circuit.

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With two versions of Quo out there doing their thing, you'd think that Quo fans would be joyfully rejoicing but unfortunately quite the opposite seems to be the situation. Y'see a large proportion of Quo fans seem to think that the former line up can do no wrong and the latter line up can do no right! 'Bula Quo' is one such project that has divided opinion too. So what's it all about?

Well, put simply, 'Bula Quo' is the band's first foray into acting as part of an eighty eight minute adventure/comedy film directed by Stuart St Paul. The important word there is "comedy" - something which the Quo fans seem to be ignoring. This is not an attempt to make a serious drama for which will be lauded by critics and awarded handfuls of BAFTAS or Academy Awards. Indeed this is not the first time a rock band have made a film either - who can forget about The Beatles in 'Help!' or 'A Hard Day's Night' or KISS with their 'Phantom Of The Park' film way back in 1978?

status quo

'Bula Quo!' even has some bonafide actors in it with Craig Fairbrass (London's Burning and Eastenders), Laura Aikman (The Bill and Casualty) as well as US actor Jon Lovitz (Saturday Night Live and Two And A Half Men) to help the film along - and if you appreciate a well made, funny film this is one that you shouldn't miss.

The premise is very simple - Status Quo are in the lush and beautiful island of Fiji when they unwittingly stumble across a gambling den. After witnessing a murder, the band flee clutching the only evidence of the crime and attempt to evade capture and (probably) their own murder.

It's nice to see Quo out with the confines of the stage or studio and the natural comic of Rossi and Parfitt shines through the film. There's a lot to like about this movie - not least a batch of new songs including 'Looking Out For Caroline' and 'Go Go Go' as well as the catchy title song. For me though, one of the best moments in the movie comes from Lovitz who, when face to face with our heroes, comments - "Another one bites the dust - oh no, that's not one of yours!" If that doesn't make you smile - then surely nothing will!

You can watch the official trailer for 'Bula Quo' here:

Current Band Members:
Francis Rossi – Guitar/Vocals
Rick Parfitt – Guitar/Vocals
John “Rhino” Edwards – Bass/Backing Vocals
Andy Bown – Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Leon Cave – Drums


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