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King Tut's, Glasgow
Tuesday 11th February

Johnny Main

johnny main

the treatment

States Of Panic

I've seen States of Panic a couple of times over the last few years, and one thing you can always be sure of is that they put a lot of energy into every single performance, and tonight is no exception. Being the first band on stage at any event is always difficult, but it was a good crowd that turned up early to see what the band had to offer on a bitterly cold February evening.

'Scream' has guitarist Rusty Gill throwing out a good solo while vocalist Johnny Gunn does his level best to get some reaction from the crowd – a task which is rewarded by those down the very front of the stage visibly enjoying the bands set.

Bass player Hex (looking not unlike Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh fame) and guitarist Dagan look to be having a good time too, despite the former breaking a string mid-song. Needless to say, however, that he carried on in trooper fashion finishing the set minus the offending string.

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'Violate' has drummer Hammy laying down a solid beat whilst Gunn proves his worth as a front man once again by giving the song everything he's got. This song, though, belongs to Gill with his superb guitar solo making it a real highlight in the bands short set.

A common feature on the UK live circuit, States of Panic have a lot to offer and with their new album, 'No World Order' released at the start of March it'll be interesting how their career progresses.

the treatment

Set List:
One of Us
Live Free Of Die
Waking The Dead
Gun To My Head

States of Panic are:
Johnny Gunn – Vocals
Rusty Gill – Guitar
Dagan Wilkin – Guitar
Hex – Bass Guitar
Hammy – Drums

States of Panic Online:
Official Website:

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Cage The Gods

I'd not actually seen Cage The Gods before but had been told by quite a few people that they were a really good band live and they certainly seem to have a strong following in Glasgow because a loud cheer goes up as the house lights dim and the dry ice begins to waft across the stage before the band finally make their entrance.

From their opening number, 'Badlands' to the last note of their final track, 'Promises' we're treated to a great set by a young band who just know how to push the right buttons to get a crowd enthused. The former song has a great guitar solo from Jam whilst drummer Colin Jones gives it everything he's got from start to finish.

'1000 Times' is a slower number in comparison and has a nice bluesy feel to it with some great harmony vocals and a solid guitar riff. This is a clear favourite of mine and also it seems, a lot of the audience too. The interestingly titled 'Bruce Willis' in comparison has a nice country feel to it with vocalist Peter Comerfords husky vocals elciting some screams from the girls down the front while the rest of the audience are happy to nod along to the beat.

the treatment

'Sacrifice' with its slow intro before the main body of the song kicks in and also 'From The Start' which is a great rocky number that really gets the crowd going. It's during this number that Jones can be seen standing atop his drum stool in an effort to get the crowd involved - something they were doing already but it was nice to see him out of his drum stool.

The band show their sensitive side with 'Falling' which is already a popular number judging by the audience reaction, and it gives guitarist Jam the chance to play some great lyrical guitar as opposed to the riffs and solos he was playing for most of the band's set.

With their debut album, 'Badland', released at the end of March it's safe to assume that the band will be shifting a few extra copies after their set here. For those who were filing into the venue towards the end of the bands set, it's clear that they missed a high quality set by a great band, and I think they'll be turning up earlier the next time they see the Cage The Gods name on the ticket.

the treatment

Set List:
1000 Times
Bruce Willis
Favourite Sin
From The Start

Cage The Gods are:
Peter Comerford - Vocals
Jam – Guitar
Mitch Witham – Bass Guitar
Colin Jones – Drums

Cage The Gods Online:
Official Website:

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The Treatment

Despite the late stage time for The Treatment, the packed out audience are more than ready to rock, and the headline act don't disappoint.

Walking on stage to a huge ovation, the band waste no time in getting straight down to business with 'I Bleed Rock N' Roll' from their new album, 'Running With The Dogs' (reviewed by MetalTalk here), which is achieving critical acclaim from both fans and critics alike.

In fact, there is a generous amount of tracks from the new album on display including 'Don't Look Down' which has the hands of the audience in the air for those at the back of the venue while down in front of the stage, a collection of head bangers keep up the pace of the beat supplied by drummer Dhani Mansworth while guitarist Jake Pattinson stands centre stage for his glorious guitar solo.

the treatment

'Get The Party On' keeps the pace up as front ma, Matt Jones, thanks the assembled mass for venturing out on a cold and miserable night, but then again, if a band as solid as this put on a show in the middle of a snow storm, it's safe to say that a majority of the crowd would still have made the effort to come out.

Pattinson has obviously learned a thing or two when the band supported Airbourne during their sold out UK tour at the start of January and takes a wander down the photo pit (bereft of photographers by this point) and delights the front row of the audience in the process.

'She's Too Much' and 'The Outlaw' follow suit with fists raised in the air throughout the venue. You have to feel sorry for Mansworth at this point, though, as he seems to be neglected by the lighting man and is destined to spend the night at the back of the stage bathed only in red light while the rest of the band enjoy their moment in the spotlight. A real shame as he, along with bass player Rick 'Swoggle' Newman, are the very back bone of this band, and a very solid one too.

Fan favourite 'Emergency' has the audience jumping around like loonies before Pattinson takes centre stage once again for his guitar solo. All respect to him as he's been in the band for less than four months and it seems like he's a perfect fit for the band while his guitar playing skills are second to none.

Title track of the new album, 'Running With The Dogs' is the last of the new material to get an airing and has the hands in the air once again. Surely these two songs are destined to stay in the bands live set for some time to come as the audience just seems to love them.

the treatment

Of course, this isn't just about the new album and there's more than enough older material on show here to keep the fans satisfied. The ubiquitous 'Drink, Fuck, Fight' makes an appearance early in the set and the audience predicably love every minutes of it - as do the band as they bounce around the stage. 'I Fear Nothing' from their first album, 'This Might Hurt' does the same and Pattinson again performs a great (almost) bluesy solo.

As the 11:45pm curfew draws ever closer the band pull out a storming version of 'Departed' which has the band and audience as one head banging away with Newman ending up squashed between Jones and guitarist Tagore Grey. 'Shake The Mountain' follows and I don't think there's a person in the room who isn't singing along to it or doesn't have their hands in the air.

'Nothing to Lose but Our Minds' brings the main set to an end and it's clear that The Treatment have a firm grasp on exactly what it is that their audience wants and they never fail to deliver it.

the treatment

Set List:
I Bleed Rock N' Roll
Drink, Fuck, Fight
Don't Look Down
Get the Party On
She's Too Much
I Fear Nothing
The Outlaw
Just Tell Me Why
The Doctor
Running With The Dogs
Shake The Mountain
Nothing To Lose But Our Minds
I Want Love
The Seeker

The Treatment are:
Matt Jones – Vocals
Tagore Grey – Guitar
Jake Pattinson – Guitar
Rick 'Swoggle' Newman – Bass
Dhani Mansworth – Drums

The Treatment Online:

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B/W Cage The Gods photos - (c) Rachael Emily
States of Panic photo - (c) Luca Mannoni
The Treatment photos by Carlan Braid.



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