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Johnny Main

johnny main

def con one

Newcastle based Metal band Def Con One are gaining a solid reputation and are building a solid fanbase thanks to some high profile festival appearances over the last couple of years, not to mention hitting the road on their own headlining tour.

Their second album, the appropriately titled 'II', continues where its predecessor 'Warface' left off. If you're a fan of heavy music, then this is one band that you should be listening to.

'H8 Ball' (see what they did there?) kicks things off with a solid guitar riff from Johnny Hunter while drummer Antton Lant plays a solid but understated beat while vocalist Davey Meikle takes centre stage with what can only be described as an immense vocal line. You have to be supremely talented to pull of the kind of vocal performance that he does here and all credit to him for it - a great Metal voice and some blood curdling screams thrown in for good measure!

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'Soul Possessed' shows the bands mellower side with just a simple guitar/voice intro but this being Def Con One, things are rarely what they seem as the main riff piles in along with thundering drums and a solid bass line courtesy of Steve Miller. The chorus sections are much slower but without sacrificing any of the heaviness. The chorus is insanely catchy which means it'll be running round your head for quite a while afterwards - great stuff.

One of my favourite tracks on the album is 'Debt To Society' which has a funkier guitar riff than some of the other tracks here, but it's still under pinned by the heaviness of the drums and bass line which just work together so well. Lant shows his skill as he sets about trying to demolish his drum kit with some great, heavy duty playing whilst Meikle gives another great vocal performance. The chorus is short and catchy and it'll be interesting to see how this would translate in a live situation - very well I suspect.

def con one

'Die Again' is something of a change from the norm, however, and is one of the bands most accomplished numbers here if not in their career so far. Starting of with a simple tuneful guitar intro and a simple drum pattern is an unusually sedate start from the band. Meikle's voice is still strong but the feeling he puts into the track is clearly audible and makes for a haunting performance from him.

Don't get me wrong, this ain't no ballad as you can tell when the main guitar riff kicks in, but it doesn't mean this song is out of place at all - it deserves to be here on its own merits. The track builds and builds reaching a crescendo in its final stages before Meikle's song vocals revert to a solitary whispered phrase (simply repeating the title) that ends up barley audible at the end. A truly outstanding song and very much the crowning glory of the album. Top marks all round.

H8 Ball
Soul Possessed
Scarred For All
Debt To Society
Skinhead Shaped Dent
Need A Reason
Die Again
Damned Disgrace
Drag Me To Hell

You can hear the track 'Soul Possessed' here:

You can catch Def Con One live here:
Friday 2nd May - Sunday 4th May - Rad-Fest, Powys
Friday 11th July - Sunday 13th July - Out of the Ashes Festival, Ellesmere Port

Def Con One are:
Davey Meikle – Vocals
Johnny Hunter – Guitar
Steve Miller – Bass Guitar
Antton Lant – Drums

Def Con One Online:
Official Website:

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