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Johnny Main

johnny main

seven deadly

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was on the Jägermeister Stage at Sonisphere (held at the legendary Knebworth Park) on Saturday 9th July 2011 where we bade farewell to Panic Cell.

For the band, it was one last gig at then (probably) the biggest UK rock festival of the year. Now to be honest, I wasn't that familiar with the band but in the aftermath of the Knebworth show, I kept thinking about how good I thought they were and what a shame it was that a band with obvious musical talent were giving up.

Fast forward six months and there was an announcement in the press that three member of Panic Cell were regrouping under the Seven Deadly banner, and I remember thinking that if this band are half as entertaining and musically proficient as Panic Cell, then surely they were worth keeping tabs on.

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So here we have it – the first full length album from Seven Deadly. With the core of the old Panic Cell in the form of guitarist Harj Virdee, bass player Bobby Town and drummer Rob Hicks, Seven Deadly have managed to deliver an album that shows they have retained their musical integrity while still managing to pull out a dozen solid brand new tracks.

It should be noted here that three of the tracks, 'Allegiance', 'Blood On Your Hands' and 'From This Darkness' all appeared on 'The Allegiance' EP, which was released in 2012, but these are all strong tracks that deserve to be added to the debut album in the hope that those who missed out on the EP can still hear the songs.

Described as a Melodic Thrash Metal band, Seven Deadly have a something for everyone in their sound. If you take 'Pure Steel' for example, which is incredibly hard to pin down. Drummer Hicks produces some incredible beats whilst vocalist Archie Wilson puts out one of his best performances changing from singing to a more growly vocal style without losing anything in his performance. The Solid guitar riff keeps things in check but the power of the song is undeniable and the guitar solo towards the end really is the icing on the cake here.

seven deadly

'Blood On Your Hands' is certainly amongst my favourites on the album as Hicks once again sets a cracking pace on the drums which starts as a full scale thrasher that actually never quite follows through as the tempo slows down by the time Wilson's vocals make their appearance. Guitarists Virdee and Irving produce some great riffs and there's a great guitar solo imbedded in the song too. There's so much to like about this song that I hope the band include it in their live set as it should be a great crowd pleaser.

'Obliviation' is sure to be another live crowd pleaser with the 'shout along' intro and mid-section pretty much guaranteed to get any crowd going. The song itself is another enjoyable mid-paced track with Wilson really showing off his vocal prowess. Add to this another catchy chorus and you can see why the band chose this to the albums title track.

Other tracks to look out for include 'Remain At Peac'" with its shower guitar driven mid-section breaks and the fast and frantic 'Allegiance'. Both are top notch tracks from the band who clearly have talent, can clearly write great songs and have the professional experience to take Seven Deadly to the next level. Let's just hope they back this release up with some live shows sooner rather than later to keep the momentum of the band going.

Play The Game
Life Begins to Fade
From This Darkness
Blood On Your Hands
Remain At Peace
Pure Steel
The Wrath
Time Ghost

You can see the official video for 'Obliviation' here:

You can see The Seven Deadly live here:
Friday 2nd May - Camden Barfly, London
Sunday 17th August – Alt-Fest, Boughton House, Kettering

Seven Deadly are:
Archie Wilson – Vocals
Harj Virdee – Guitar
Dave Irving – Guitars/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Bobby Town – Bass
Rob Hicks – Drums

Official Website:

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