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'Space Elevator'
(Self Released)

Johnny Main

johnny main

space elevator

Space Elevator may not be a name that it instantly recognizable yet, but if you're a fan of theatrical vocals and screaming guitar solos with some catchy rhythm hooks thrown in for good measure, this is one well kept secret that everyone should know about.

The band have a proper rock pedigree, featuring as it does guitarist David Young who played guitar in the West End production of the Queen musical 'We Will Rock You' (whose idea it was to form a band that took it's influences from the classic rock era of the seventies).

Alongside him, Young has pulled some of the best musicians in the business including Whitesnake/Black Sabbath legend Neil Murray on Bass, Elliott Ware who was co-director, keyboard player and arranged the string section for The Whos 2010 performance of 'Quadrophenia' as well as renowned session player Brian Greene on drums.

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The last piece of the Space Elevator line up is the female lead singer known only as 'The Duchess' who has a voice that really must be heard to be believed. With little fanfare, the band have launched and recently released their self-titled album which is gaining momentum throughout the UK and Europe and if you take a listen to it yourself, I pretty much guarantee that if you're a fan of classic rock then this is an album that will appeal to you.

The band manage to cram quite a lot into the fifty two minute running time of the album from the fast paced 'Little White Lies' which really bursting into life with the lines like "Think I'm ready to go cos my teams not winning again" before hurtling towards an unexpected ending, compared to a track like 'More Than Enough' which benefits from a simpler arrangement.

The latter is the sort of song that could be the bands catalyst to get them played on daytime radio. Contemporary Rock radio stations as well as mainstream rock fans like Chris Evans and Simon Mayo on Radio Two should be playing more tracks like this instead of the same tracks by The Who or Led Zeppelin.

space elevator

There are some great mid-paced tracks here too that reinforces the fact that rock music doesn't necessarily have to be fast. There is an almost melancholic start to 'We Are The Losers' but despite its rather down beat title and lyrics there's nothing sad or morose about the music or the performance as The Duchess' voice is firmly placed centre stage showing what a powerful voice she has whilst the ending with its myriad of backing vocals is a surefire winner for some crowd participation during any live gigs.

'Loneliness Of Love' is a another mid-paced track too, and if you add in another catchy chorus and you've got a bonafide rock classic that had its roots firmly in the eighties but without sounding dated. There's a great guitar riff from Young set against Elliott Ware's piano track and once again The Duchess shows what an inspired choice she was as the vocalist. There's no denying that this track was an instant favourite of mine and just seems to get better and better after repeated listens.

Special mentions must be made of 'Oils and Bubbles' which has a great piano Intro from Ware before vocal lines come in. A simple drumbeat is added to really give the track some body before The Duchess really stretches her voice and the guitar solo from Young firmly takes hold, making this another favourite of mine.

space elevator

The final track 'Move On' is probably the most lyrically downbeat number but there are some great backing vocals making this the closest the band gets to a ballad. Wares' piano dominates over the lyrics which are occasionally barely more than a whisper with The Duchess giving plenty of emotion and a making this a great end to the album.

With no live shows yet officially confirmed but plenty of speculation that these will happen later this year, this is one gig that I'll do my very best to get tickets for because it'll be good to see such a talented band live onstage and I'm sure they'll not disappoint.

You can watch the official video for the title track here:

We Are The Losers
I Will Find You (Gallifrey Dreams)
Ordinary Day
Little White Lies
Loneliness Of Love
More Than Enough
Really Don't Care
Oils And Bubbles
We Can Fly
Move On

Space Elevator are:
The Duchess – Lead/Backing Vocals
David Young – Electric/Classical Guitar/Acoustic Guitar
Neil Murray – Bass Guitar
Elliot Ware –Piano/Keyboards/Hammond Organ
Brian Greene – Drums/Percussion

Space Elevator Online:
Official Website:

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