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'Iron Knights'
(Metalbox Recordings)

Johnny Main

johnny main

iron knights

With a growing reputation for their solidly performed live shows, Iron Knights are shedding their old skin and moving forward with the intent of being simply a Heavy Metal band with no gimmicks to help sell their music, but simply relying on the power of the songs.

This is the follow up to 2012s 'New Sound of War' album and you can hear straightaway that this is a band that live up to their promise and deliver quality tunes.

'Transparent' kicks the album off in fine style with a great bass into courtesy of Paul 'Beam' Robbie before drummer Larry Paterson lays down a steady beat. The intro to the track is long with the guitar riff joining the party around the seventy five mark but it doesn't feel labored – it just builds up the tension until you hear the first peep from vocalist Jamie Gibson – a full one hundred seconds into the track.

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As the track progresses, Paterson gets to showcase his skills as he lays down the complex drum pattern with ease while the guitar solo from new band member Wayne Mann is busy without being detrimental to the song. It's a full throttle start to the album and the catchy "I can see right through you" refrain will have you singing along after relatively few listens.

Likewise 'Genocide' has a killer guitar riff and another catchy chorus which is just crying out for a bit of audience participation during the bands live shows and as the mid-section comes around, the band try something different with the stop-start riff before an extended guitar solo brings the chorus back round one again with Gibson sounding more deliciously evil with every utterance.

'Blind' too plays to the bands strengths which is a really solid foundation to the song from Robbie and Paterson who lay down a solid base on top of which the guitar and vocals rest. Gibson does a particularly good job here too, as he spits out the vocal lines at an alarming rate, yet all the lyrics are articulate so nothing is lost between band and audience.

iron knights

Final track 'Jericho' is another speedy number the song and once again it's Gibson who dominates the song as he powers through the vocal lines at speed - a real skill when the tempo is a fast as it is here. Paterson punches out the furious beat and the guitar solo is played with such precision that it's a real highlight in the song.

The band doesn't just rely on fast numbers, of course, and there are a few slower tempo numbers here too. Amongst the best is 'Cry For Help' which is actually one of my favourites from the album, which features some great guitar harmonics at the beginning before the vocal lines kick in. The track chugs along at a fair pace with Gibsons vocals sounding crisp and clear while the guitar solo is carefully measured and benefits from some twin guitar work giving it a little extra quality. The oft repeated line of "can I find what I'm looking for" in the chorus sounds ever more desperate as the song goes on showing some real emotion from Gibson and really shows how good this band work as a unit.

'A Chapter's Lesion' is probably the most straight Rock number on the album as opposed to being an out and out metal song. Gibson again takes centre stage as he gives one of his best performances here. With another great guitar solo and the metronomic drumming, my only issue with this song is that the bass guitar is pushed quite far back in the mix giving the track an odd almost hollow sound. It's a minor quibble on my part however for what is essentially another great song.

Also worthy of note is 'Jacobs Ladder' which is arguably the slowest number on the album but its heaviness is of no doubt. Paterson plays a solid and simple beat whilst the guitar riff is equally simple in the long intro before the Gibsons softly sung vocal lines are added to the mix. It's during the chorus that the song really comes across at its heaviest as the guitar riff becomes more complex before the song speeds up in the latter half.

Like 'A Chapter's Lesion', this one of the most accessible tracks on the album, and after repeated listens, it may just edge out 'Cry For Help' as my favourite.

With the band having just finished a short tour and more dates confirmed for later in the year, this is a band that I highly recommend you catch if you see them playing a venue near you and track down a copy of the new album too.

Track List:
Falling From Grace
Vicious Circle
A Chapter's Lesion
Cry For Help
Jacobs Ladder
The Messenger

You can see Iron Knights live here:
Sunday 25th May – SOPHIE Fest (Rock Bar), Tamworth
Saturday 31st May – Rock Haven, Lincoln
Saturday 2nd August - The Carlisle, Hastings
Saturday 6th September - Hellfire Club, Redhill
Sunday 14th September – Rock & Metal Circus, Sywell Aerodrome Northamptonshire
Saturday 20th September - The Cellar, Oxford

Iron Knights are:
Jamie Gibson - Vocals/Guitar
Wayne Mann - Guitar
Paul 'Beam' Robbie - Bass Guitar
Larry Paterson – Drums

Iron Knights Online:

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