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(Off Yer Rocka Records)

Johnny Main

johnny main


Afterlife are a hard rock band who were formed in early 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland and feature former members of the band Logan.

'Omega' is their debut full length album via Off Yer Rocka Recordings which follows their independently released debut EP 'Alpha' in 2012. The band are amassing quite a following around the UK and have already shared stages with Bonafide, Nashville Pussy and Terrorvision.

The 'Omega' album, recorded during the summer of 2013 at a secluded studio overlooking Loch Fyne in Scotland, is eleven top notch tracks that will surely further the band's reputation as one of Scotland (and the UK's) finest young bands.

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Kicking things off with 'Energy' is a good move for the band because the title of the song really describes the mood of the album – it's jam packed full of energy! The track itself has a good guitar riff which is backed up with a meaty guitar solo from Al Reilly while vocalist Pete McCoy sounds good and proves his worth by holding onto some of the longer notes without his voice wavering at all.

'Way Back Home' and 'Survivor' have a similar feel and sound to tracks by Seattle legends, Soundgarden but if you're not a fan of them, it doesn't make the songs any less than enjoyable with the former being especially good as it's slower in tempo giving the band a chance to really shine, especially drummer Iain Stratton who produces some accomplished drum fills before he's joined by Reilly for another great guitar solo.

The bands first single from the album, 'Lost', is one of the heaviest songs here by some margin as the solid guitar hook drives the song along and McCoy puts in another great performance. His voice just soars through the song before the guitars and drums take over in a short mid-song instrumental section. The heartfelt lyrics add an extra element to the song which are by no means depressive but certainly melancholic.


Likewise the curiously named 'Wolf Bitch' retains the heavy guitar sound but the band still manage to add a bounce to it. The guitar solo here, from Reilly is almost hidden under the main guitar riff and drum track but still sounds good. The wolf howls are expected of course, and you're not disappointed with them added on at the end - and very good impressions they are too.

Current single 'Masters of Reality' is a slower paced number with a particularly heavy sounding guitar riff. This isn't Black Sabbath heavy but it's certainly related by intent if nothing else. The mid-section is a showcase for both the guitarists Brown and Reilly along with drummer Stratton and leads straight into the well executed guitar solo. This is easily one of my favourites too if that's anything to go by.

'What Do We Die For' has Stratton working away behind the drum kit producing an array of drum fills which keeps this mid-paced number going as McCoy gets to grips with the memorable chorus. The quiet mid-section gives some respite and allows him to stretch his voice before the guitar solo kicks in.

'The Answer' is the nearest the band get to a ballad being, as it is, the slowest song here and McCoy gives one of his best performance as you really hear the emotion in his voice. The subtle guitar track adds a little something extra to the sound which stops it being overly power ballad-y but it's a great song and one that the band should be very proud of.

Track Listing:
Act Of Defiance
Way Back Home
Follow Where I Go
What Do We Die For
Masters Of Reality
Wolf Bitch
The Answer

You can see the official lyric video for 'Masters Of Realtiy' here:

Afterlife are:
Pete McCoy - Vocals
Al Reilly - Lead Guitar
Stewart 'Raggy' Brown - Guitar
Steve Reilly - Bass
Iain Stratton - Drums

Afterlife Online:
Official Website:

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