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Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
Friday 25th April 2014

Johnny Main: Photos by Carlan Braid.

johnny main

killing from a distance

There's a warm welcome from vocalist Jim Jackson as the rest of the band amble onstage for what is one of only a handful of gigs that the band have played since their inception in 2013. This isn't due to lack of commitment or inability on the bands part, it's just that they want to make sure everything is as right as it can be before taking the band to the next level.

The fact that they have a CD about to be released (available via their Facebook page) could a deciding factor here too, I guess, but what the packed venue is offered is a generous portion of album tracks and some new songs, but there's no sign of any cover songs to bulk out the bands set list – this is all 100% original material which is both refreshing and well executed.

'Rising Up' has a good solid sound from the start with the bass guitar of Camillo Morlotti especially clear as he and drummer Kevin Mooney link into a solid groove making this a great cradle in which the rest of the song rests. Vocalist Jackson has a good clear voice – just think of someone with a voice like former Free/Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers and you get the idea – as he soars through the choruses with the heads of the audience bopping way down the front.

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'Maria Maria' follows swiftly, and I'll be honest here and say that it is without a doubt my favourite of all the tracks on the album, and it has been since I first heard it. A really catchy number with a big sing-along chorus that has the some of the crowd singing along whilst others nod their heads along to the beat. An influx of late comers swarm in at the back of the venue just in time to catch Jackson having a bit of fun with guitarist Ian Murray during the chorus before Murray takes centre stage for a short guitar solo.

"Is it as loud out there as it is up here?" asks Jackson to an emphatic "Yes!" back from the audience before the band power on with their signature song, 'Killing From A Distance', which has Jackson sounding particularly bluesy.

killing from a distance

Quickly following that is 'The World Is Cruel'. Guitarist Andy Farrell does his best Eddie Van Halen impression with some finger-tapping before the song really takes off. Jackson's enthusiasm is infectious as more of the crowd begins to bop along as Morlotti stands centre stage and Murray pulls a great solo as he is egged on by Jackson.

'Love Me Too Much' keeps the pace up and the audience moving as Morlotti and Farrell turn their backs to the audience in some on-stage japery. The tight musicianship of the band is clear as Jackson orchestrates the song finishing on a single note which is difficult to achieve, but the band pull it off with no problems at all.

killing from a distance

'Sleep Alone' slows the pace slightly giving both band and audience a breather whilst giving Mooney his chance in the spotlight as lays down a solid, heavy beat before Farrell steps up to centre stage once more for one of his best solos of the night. The audience doesn't need much encouragement from Jackson to join in with the chorus and judging by their reaction this song will hopefully feature in their set list for so time to come and its place there is richly deserved.

'Victim of Love' is a good mid paced number has Farrell and Morlotti trying a Status Quo guitar swing before this is quickly aborted as they burst into fits of laughter. As the gig draws to a close, a quick round of introductions gives way to last song of the set, 'Come On In'. For the band and audience, it's one more chance to rock it up before the band departs the stage as the bands outro music plays and the bar begins to fill up.

killing from a distance

In an unexpected turn, however, the outro music is quickly turned off as the band return to the stage for an unexpected encore of 'Chance To Say Goodbye' which has Farrell and Murray showing off some great twin guitar work as they trade solos with Jackson wedged in between them both bringing the gig to an end on a high note.

The band may not have been working together very long but they are a solid and entertaining unit. Let's hope their upcoming CD release bolsters their fan base and gets them a few more live bookings because on the strength of this gig, they are a band that I'm looking forward to seeing again and again.

killing from a distance

Set List:
Rising Up
Maria Maria
Killing From A Distance
The World Is Cruel
Something's Got To Give
Love Me Too Much
Sleep Alone
Victim of Love
Don't Say Yes
Come On In
Chance To Say Goodbye

killing from a distance

Killing From A Distance are:
Jim Jackson – Vocals
Andy Farrell – Lead Guitar
Ian Murray – Rhythm Guitar
Camillo Morlotti – Bass Guitar
Kevin Mooney – Drums

Killing From A Distance Online:

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