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'Roll With The Punches'

Johnny Main

johnny main

jac dalton

American born (but Australian based) vocalist Jac Dalton releases his brand new single, 'Roll With The Punches', on Monday 16th June and never has the powerhouse rocker sounded so good as in this upbeat and up tempo track.

'Roll With The Punches' showcases Dalton's fantastic voice and the addition of the backing vocals from Donna Greene just adds an extra dimension to the song as the guitar riff drives the track onwards.

The catchy chorus will have you singing along after only a couple of listens and as the song reaches the midway point, there's a really good guitar solo courtesy of axeman Graham Greene that takes centre stage before the main guitar riff provided by talented guitarist Annemieke Heijne makes a welcome reappearance as the song rolls on towards its finale.

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If this is an indication of the material on Dalton's forthcoming album, 'Can't UnRock Me', which is due for release this summer, then it's certainly one album that I'll be looking out for.

As the man himself says: "Tick tock, let's rock!"

jac dalton

Track List:
Roll With The Punches

Jac Dalton's Band are:
Jac Dalton – Vocals
Donna Greene – Vocals
Graham Greene – Guitar
Annemieke Heijne – Guitar
Jim Awram – Bass Guitar
Jason Dohrmann – Keyboards
Troy Brazier – Drums

Jac Dalton Online:
Official Website:

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