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'To Die For'
(DR2 Records)
Release Date: 17th February 2012

Johnny Main

johnny main

This Sheffield based band had a successful time in 2011, including a huge touring schedule after the band secured an opening slot on the Saxon/Anvil European tour towards the end of the year. During this time they also managed to complete their new album which contains thirteen melodic rock tracks produced by Charlie Bauerfield (producer for Hammerfall and Helloween) and was recorded in England, Germany and Tenerife.


Album opener 'Be Still My Beating Heart' kicks things off with its keyboard-laden intro giving way to an excellently atmospheric instrumental that gives way to the anthemic 'Body And Soul' (a contender for a bit of audience participation if it's included in their live set?). The third track 'Blown Away', which is the first single from the album, is a mid-tempo number with soulful vocals from Radcliffe.

'Hell And Back' wouldn't feel out of place on a Queensryche album, with its chunky riff and vocal sounds – surely another contender for a bit of crowd interaction at gigs.

The album even contains a couple of guest vocalists in the form of Saxon's own Biff Byford on the excellent 'Blackened Heart' and Helloween's Andi Deris on 'Accidents Happen, Even Here', but for me, the outstanding tracks are 'I Dare You To Try' and 'Let The Punishment Fit The Crime' which includes a great soaring guitar solo.

With a touring schedule for 2012 already being worked out (including a confirmed slot at Wacken), this is certainly a band worth going to see, so keep an eye for them at a venue near you soon.


Be Still My Beating Heart
Body And Soul
Blown Away (single version)
Hell And Back
I Dare You To Try
Love Is To Die For
Blackened Heart
I Think I Can Save You
Dream Again
Let The Punishment Fit The Crime
Sacrifice, No Question Why
Accidents Happen, Even Here
Blown Away (album version)

Band Members:

Dale Radcliffe - Lead Vocals
Charles Staton – Guitar
Harry Griffiths - Guitar
Kev Tonge – Drums
Simon Fearn - Bass



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