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'Thinkers' EP

Johnny Main

johnny main


Describing themselves as 'Slack Metal', London based trio Slowcoaches have released their new four track EP, 'Thinkers' which has a unique sound that encapsulates the unique characters that make up this quirky young band.

Title track 'Thinkers' starts off and it has a good guitar riff with the bass and drums filling out the sound as the vocals from bass guitarist and vocalist Heather Perkins coming across in a slightly muddied sort of sound. Are the vocals to far back in the mix deliberately or are they going for a grungy sound? I'm not exactly sure but the overall musical sound is here and the track is well performed.

"You don't know what to do" is sung with a certain amount of venom by Perkins, and it leaves your wondering if the 'Thinker' of the title is an indecisive person from their past or whether the song is about you (the listener).

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'Total Block' follows pretty much the same pattern as 'Thinkers' but has a slightly quicker tempo. Guitarist Matt Dixon joins Perkins on vocals but these are very much pushed to the background with Perkins remaining the dominant voice. All in all, not a bad song but the issue with the muddied vocals still means it misses the mark - but not by much.

'Biennial Drool' has Dixon taking the lead vocals with Perkins' bass playing really coming to the fore. The vocals here are louder than they were in the previous two numbers there's still that murky undertone to the song which gives it that unique sound. The track ends with a long sustained chord with the sound of a guitar being unplugged which left me wondering if the song was actually recorded live as opposed to having each part recorded separately.


'Nightlife' brings the EP to an end and is certainly my favourite of the four presented here. It reminds me of rock band Die Cheerleader from the early nineties, and unlike the other songs has a clearer overall sound. New drummer Neil Robinson kicks things off with his simple and uncluttered drumbeat which is relentless throughout the track. The guitar solo is slightly scrappy but that's part of the charm of the whole thing - it's not suppost to be a finely polished record but aims to get across the rawness of the band's sound - something it does very well.

In these days of over-produced and over-processed songs, it's nice to have something that sounds a little bit different. It's almost like the band just want to get the songs recorded so they can get them out there to the public so that can get on with other things. What interests me, though, is to hear how the band and these songs sound live and with the band already planning a UK tour for later in 2014, it looks like we won't have too long to wait.

You can see the official video for 'Thinkers' here:

Track list:
Total Block
Biennial Drool
Slowcoaches are:
Heather Perkins - Bass Guitar/Vocals
Matt Dixon - Lead Guitar
Neil Robinson - Drums

Slowcoaches Online:

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