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Wiston Lodge, South Lanarkshire
Sunday 29th June 2014

Johnny Main: Photos by Carlan Braid.

johnny main

les fest

The third and final day of the festival dawns once more as the sun beats down on the campsite.

Those who were struggling to recover only twenty four hours before seem to be in the same position again after over-doing it with sets from Savage Messiah and House Of X before partying late into the night, but for those who are awake, Edinburgh based band The King Lot are the first band to take to the stage to shake the foundations of Wiston Lodge.

The trio, resplendent in dark glasses, are giving nothing away until half way through 'Addicted' when they burst into laughter and seem to relax a bit more as the song progresses. Rhythm guitarist Michael Fairbairn really comes into his own here with a solid guitar riff and the song has those down at the front barrier happily nodding along.

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'One Of These Days', taken from their as yet untitled album which is due for release in August 2014, which is introduced by bass player Jason Sweeney in his own charming style that raises a few giggles throughout the arena, is a surefire favourite with the audience though, many of whom are hearing it for the first time.

Likewise, the band's current single, 'Until My Dying Day', gets warm applause as the band wrap up their short set. At the end of the day, Les-Fest is all about taking small bands and giving them exposure to people who may not have otherwise heard of them and in the case of The King Lot, it's job done as they leave the stage to a much fuller tent than when they arrived.

les fest

The King Lot Set list:
Let's Get Together
As They Burn
One Of These Days
Until My Dying Day
The Bang Of A Drum

The King Lot are:
Jason Sweeney - Vocals/Bass Guitar
Michael Fairbairn - Guitarist/Vocals
Chris Gillon - Drums/Vocals

The King Lot Online:

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les fest

Signed In Crimson was another band that I was keen to catch up with at the festival, and I wasn't disappointed with their forty five minute set. Despite the sunshine still beating down outside, the band drew a respectable crowd into the main arena.

'Blame On Us' has a solid performance from vocalist Micki Consiglio, which is a nice contrast from the mainly male vocalists that have performed throughout the weekend. The punchy guitar riff from guitarist Kyle Cater has the crowd in front of the stage nodding along.

'Atmosphere' has a complex drum pattern but drummer Tim Ferreira makes it look effortlessly easy while still having time to add in a few flashy tricks without losing a beat while new song, 'L.I.O.N.' gives Cater a chance to shine before Consiglio finishes the song on a piercingly loud scream at the end showing what a talented vocalist she really is.

'Glow' is, unbelievably, the first proper ballad of the weekend and goes down a storm with the growing audience but all too soon, the band are thanking those present before retreating backstage. The growing queue at their merchandise stall ensures the trip north has been worth the time and effort as they have certainly made a few new fans.

Signed In Crimson Set list:
Just Maybe
Blame On Us
The More That You Scream
Fame Drug (Brain Cell)

Signed In Crimson are:
Micki Consiglio - Vocals
Kyle Cater - Guitar
Ant Ergodyne - Bass Guitar
Tim Ferreira - Drums

Signed In Crimson Online:

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les fest

What can you say about Bad Touch? Well, having witnessed their electric live show back in April and an acoustic set at Les-Fest the previous day, I knew I was in for an enjoyable set from the band and as the large contingent of fans (some even wearing fake moustaches in tribute to the band's vocalist, Stevie Westwood) make their way into the main arena once again, it seems like everyone is ready for the Rock n' Roll party with Bad Touch being everyone's favourite hosts.

'Dr Heartbreak' kicks things off in fine style and is swiftly followed by 'New Day' which has drummer George Drewry settling down into a solid groove while Westwood gets down to the serious task of entertaining the audience, who are quite happy to sing along when directed and both fans and band seem to be having a ball.

'Morning Light' is amongst the fastest tracks the band have to offer as the audience lap it up as those down the front start head bang away while the more conservative in the audience are happy to nod along. In comparison to that, 'Half Way Home' is the polar opposite (with Westwood telling the audience "now for something completely different!" with a cheeky smile) showing off the slower and heavier side of the band's character as the audience sway along in time, which includes the first big sing along of the day, let alone the band's set.

'Preacher' slows the pace once again with some heartfelt lyrics but it still manages to keep the crowd moving and despite the sunshine outside the audience are more than happy to stay in the main arena to witness what really could be one of Britain's best up and coming bands.

'Good On Me' is cheekily dedicated to any guys who wear ladies jeans which has a gaggle of girls singing along to every word with their hands raised in the air perhaps signaling that this song should remain in the set list for some time to come.

With time against them, the band finish with 'Down' and leave the stage to a loud ovation proving once again that the Les-Fest organisers have booked the right band and let's hope they return for Les-Fest 2015.

les fest

Bad Touch Set list:
Dr Heartbreak
New Day
Morning Light
Half Way Home
Waste My Time
Good On Me

Bad Touch are:
Stevie Westwood - Vocals
Rob Glendinning - Lead Guitar
Daniel Seekings - Guitar
Michael Bailey - Bass
George Drewry- Drums

Bad Touch Online:

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les fest

The boys from Massive Wagons are Les-Fest veterans having appeared at both the previous two events and every year their profile is getting bigger and bigger. With their debut album, 'Fight The System' due for release on Off Yer Rocka Recordings in August 2014 the Les-Fest audience are treated to a generous amount of new material.

Current single, 'Red Dress' understandably gets the biggest applause of all the new tracks performed. Prior to 'The One For Me', vocalist Baz Mills tells everyone that "it's great to be back (at Les-Fest)" as the song gets a great reaction from the audience (many of whom are hearing it for the first time).

Guitarist Carl Cochrane has an issue with the tuning of his guitar but this doesn't slow the band down as Mills happily encourages the audience to get involved while guitarist Adam Thistlethwaite plays a great solo.

les fest

Another new song, 'The Truth', is dedicated to Les-Fest co-founder Dave Ritchie and his wife Isabell, which shows how much the band appreciate Les-Fest and a roar of approval from the audience confirms it's not only the band who appreciate the couples efforts to host the festival.

The song itself is a mid paced number which had the audience nodding and clapping along. Massive Wagons can't be accused of taking things easy though as individually they all do their very best to ensure they give the best possible show and this song is the antithesis of this as no member of the band (bar drummer, Alex Thistlethwaite who's seated) remains static onstage making them a thoroughly entertaining band.

'Heavy Metal Man' is dedicated to Ronnie James Dio as Mills has some fun with the photographers crammed into the photo pit while Adam Thistlethwaite plays what is for me, one of his best solos of the night and judging by the reaction at the end, this song will hopefully stay in the band's live set for some time to come.

A spirited cover of 'Nutbush City Limits' brings the band's set to an end as the and gives the audience one more chance to sing and dance along. As the band leave stage to rousing applause and the audience head back out into the sunshine, no-one is left in any doubt that Massive Wagons set was one of the highlights of the weekend and the campaign to get the band to headline at Les-Fest 2015 begins here and now!

les fest

Massive Wagons Set list:
Rising Tides
The One For Me
S. W. T.
Dirty Little Secrets
Heavy Metal Man
Look Around
Fight The System
Red Dress
Nutbush City Limits

Massive Wagons are:
Baz Mills – Vocals
Adam Thistlethwaite – Guitar
Carl Cochrane – Guitar
Adam Bouskill – Bass
Alex Thistlethwaite – Drums

Massive Wagons Online:

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