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'Nether Collapse'
(Rising Records)

Johnny Main

johnny main

For a band who are only three years old, this Italian Pagan Death Metal band already have an impressive live reputation in mainland Europe. 'Nether Collapse' is their full-length debut album and a follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2010 EP 'For Asgard', so how does this album compare?

vinterblot nether collapse

The tracks included on this album are very good and this album should certainly be on the radar of any Death Metal fan. Things start sedately enough with the acoustic instrumental tones of 'Prelude' before diving headlong into 'Upon A Reign of Ashes' with its chunky riff and power chords. The band have also recorded a video for this track, which is directed by Salvatore Perrone and based on Ingmar Bergman's cult move 'The Seventh Seal'.

'Council Of Tees Beholder' continues the frantic pace with vocalist Phanaes growling his way through the track whilst battling against the aural assault from drummer Wolf. Despite what some may expect (certainly I did), 'Remembrance' is not a slower number but maintains the fast tempo of the previous two tracks – albeit with a softly spoken passage in the middle followed by a soaring guitar solo. Excellent stuff indeed.

'Howling Shadows' is a more mid-paced song with, at times, an almost militaristic drumbeat as well as a solid and chunky riff. 'Sol Invictus (Ritual Act)' is the second of two instrumental tracks on the album featuring a folky sounding guitar riff showcasing the fact that this isn't a band who just play loud and aggressive Metal tunes.

'Whispers To The Headless' brings the tempo back up again with some incredible double bass drum work, which although is well done on this track in particular, it's not something which is over used on the album as a whole. 'The Forlorn War', with its short atmospheric intro, has another solid riff to it before '...To Nethereal' draws the album to a close, with a big finish including some subtle keyboard work in the background.

The band have recently completed a one-off show supporting Entombed and although they don't have any firm tour dates lined up in support of this album, they are hoping for some UK dates later in the year, so this young band are certainly one to watch with interest.

Available on a standard CD


Upon A Reign Of Ashes
Council Of Trees Beholder
Howling Shadow
Sol Invictus (Ritual Act)
Whispers To The Headless
The Forlorn War
...To Nethereal
As Slepnir Rides (Bonus Track)

Band Members:

Phanaes – Vocals
Vandrer – Guitar and Vocals
Fjorgynn – Guitar
Eruner – Bass
Wolf - Drums



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