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'Nowhere To Go'
(Ron Cobra Records)

Johnny Main

johnny main

line of fire

Line Of Fire are an English based band who were formed in 2009 from the remnants of Midlands based band HeadHungLow by guitarist Dave Lamont.

Lamont teamed up with his old school friend Paddy O'Malley (who played under the moniker of Schizo Rotary Sprintmaster in those thrash Metal legends of the early 1990, Lawnmower Deth). The band's debut EP, 'Secrets And Lies' was released in 2010 followed by 'Hear Me Scream' in 2011. Appearances at Bloodstock, Hammerfest and the Metal Gods Festival have helped to cement the band's live reputation too.

'Nowhere To Go' is the band's third EP and, to put it succinctly, it's four slabs of solid Metal, or as the band describe it: "Heavy down tuned old school Heavy Metal with a bluesy Southern Comfort edge". If you're a fan of Down, The Gates Of Slumber or Trouble then LOF really could be their British counterparts.

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'What Will You Say Tomorrow' starts off with its heavy guitar riff which gives way to the vocals of Baz Shaw whose voice is a nice counterpoint to the main riff. His intonation isn't as deep or doomy as I was expecting and he does have a good, clear singing voice.

The track is a good mid paced one with the guitars deviating from the main guitar riff to a soaring twin guitar sound that takes them straight into the guitar solo and then back to the main riff with ease ensuring the flow of the song isn't broken at any point.

At just under seven minutes in length, 'Final Day' is a long track but it's one that never outstays it's welcome. It's guitar driven intro is augmented by drummer Rod Colemans slow tempered but powerful beat after a quick count in. The main guitar riff itself sounds decidedly menacing before it tails off early on.

line of fire

Replacing the solid riff is some lyrical guitar before the heavier guitar riff returns during the memorable chorus. Coleman's drums are very much to the fore here, while Shaw's vocal has a slightly ragged (almost raw) edge to it. Whether this was intentional or not I'm not entirely sure but it gives the track a slightly less polished feel which just adds to its character.

There's a faster middle section which takes the track up to another level before returning once again to the simpler sound of earlier in the song. With so many different movements, this is surely the most complicated track to perform but it's one that is thoroughly enjoyable.

'Set Me Free' is a good mid-paced track with its simple guitar riff and is probably the most accessible track on the EP. There's a great lyrical guitar run near the beginning that sets up the song nicely before Shaw's raspy vocals take centre stage with only minimal backing before the main riff kicks in with a vengeance.

As the track progresses, it speeds up slightly before the slow mid-section that has an almost stop-start rhythm. The tempo picks up again towards the end and the sparse vocals give the band a chance for each of them to have their moment in the spotlight.

The final track 'Wrong Side Of The Track' and what a way to end the disc! Coming in at just over seven and a quarter minutes, this is certainly a case of keeping the best till last.

The band don't feel the need to have lyrics all the time which is refreshing and the extended middle section (running in excess of some two and a half minutes) is an instrumental showcase for the whole band. The guitar solo in the middle of the section is slow and measured before the twin guitars revert to the main riff as the drums and bass guitar keep the rigid tempo before a second guitar solo takes over before the whole song ends on a extended guitar chord that slowly fades out signalling a great end to a great number.

You can see Line Of Fire live here:
Saturday 20th September – The Hairy Dog, Derby
Saturday 4th October – Fearfest, Asylum 2, Birmingham
Friday 10th October – Sitwell Tavern, Derby
Friday 31st October – Rock Zombie, Dudley
Saturday 8th November – Headbangers Balls, Manchester
Friday 26th - Sunday 28th June - Les-Fest 4: Wildfire, Wiston Lodge, South Lanarkshire

'Nowhere To Go' tracklist:
What Will You Say Tomorrow
Final Day
Set Me Free
Wrong Side Of The Track

Line Of Fire are:
Baz Shaw - Bass Guitar/Vocals
Paddy O'Malley - Guitar
Dave Lamont - Guitar
Rod Coleman - Drums

Line Of Fire Online:

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