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'At The Foot Of The World'
(Ouergh Records)

Johnny Main

johnny main


Scotland's premier Rock and Metal Festival, Les-Fest, is a great opportunity to see some top UK bands play live. The festival features a wide range of acts from firmly established ones to smaller bands that you might not have seen or heard of before. The first band on at Les-Fest 2014 were Disposable, who fell into the latter category for me, and I'm very glad I saw the quartets thunderous live set.

Fast forward two months and their debut album is about to be released. The band were kind enough to give me an advance copy and I'm pleased to say that it's everything I hoped for and more. For a debut album, it's just incredible, given the relatively young age of the band (they're all around twenty years of age) and it looks like they could become figureheads for not only the Scottish Thrash scene, but for UK Thrash as a whole.

The album contains nine songs – eight of which are out and out Thrashers and no mistake. 'Existence' has a good solid sound with vocalist William Robertsons voice sounding crisp and clear – something which just makes the whole experience that much more fun because you don't have to sit and work out what the lyrics are, they are all audibly clear. There's a great central guitar riff in there too – the first of many to come.

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'Addiction' has drummer, Liam Tucker, using every single drum and cymbal at his disposal in a track that reminds me of Slayer (ala the 'Diabolus in Musica' era). The bass from Robertson is heavy enough to fill out the song while the rhythm guitar riff drives the song. Production wise, it's a very solid sounding record with no instruments sounding out of place and no gaps where drums or bass are mysteriously missing leaving an empty sound, the wall of sound here is intact with no gaps in it at all.

There's no let up in the pace with 'Void' as the punishing tempo continues unabated. There's a long instrumental intro (just under sixty seconds) but it never feels too long and when you get to the chorus with its punchy "Lifeless, worthless..." making it instantly memorable and I'm sure this will get a good reaction during the bands live set, should the song be included.

'Into The Water' seems like it's going to be a slower number judging by the tempo of the intro, but it's not long before the thrash rhythm of the main song really kicks in. Don't think these young guys are just rehashing old material from bands who may have influenced them though because this is a one hundred percent original album with a thoroughly modern sound to it. I honestly can't think of another young band that can produce this type of material.


Also worth a mention is the song 'Disposable' itself - another top track with Tucker leading the way again with an extra ordinary display on drums. Robertson gives one of his best vocal performances here and there is a definite sense of urgency in his voice. The sons is slightly different due to the sparse vocal lines but it just gives the band a chance to show how good they are from a musical standpoint. The central riff is unrelenting but the slower middle section will keep the head bangers happy. This is sure to be a standard feature of their live show, given it's title, and it's very welcome indeed.

To balance all this power and force, though, there must be a song that breaks the mould of the traditional Thrash song, and for this album it's called simply 'Interlude'. Another outstanding track, this proves the band are capable of so much more than straight-ahead Thrash numbers as they produce a song with simple guitar and drums sound in what is a quiet, slow and measured instrumental performance.

For a debut album, this is indeed some feat and the band should be immensely proud of what they have achieved, but this is only the beginning. I'm willing to bet that in ten or so years, Disposable will be playing high up the bill at some of the UK and Europes top Metal Festivals, and I can only wish them the very best of luck with their career in music.

You can see the official video for 'Into The Water' here:

'At The Foot of the World' Track list:
Into The Water
At The Foot of the World
Leave This Place
Now It Ends

Disposable are:
William Robertson – Vocals/Bass Guitar
Andrew Anderson – Guitar
Jack Batcharj – Guitar
Liam Tucker – Drums

Disposable Online:

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