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'Up The Dosage'

Johnny Main

johnny main

nashville pussy

Nashville Pussy are one of these bands that you either "get" straight away or you're just confused as to exactly what they're trying to do. If you're in the former category, then good for you - now go off and listen to 'Up The Dosage'. If you're in the latter category, however, I think you should carry on reading this and hopefully at the end you'll have learned something.

The band were formed in Atlanta, Georgia back in 1996 and since then have had a varied and successful career (in part helped by Lemmy from Motorhead shouting their praises and taking them out on tour), and 'Up The Dosage' is their seventh full-length album.

It's quite hard to define exactly the type of music the band plays – sometimes it's Hard Rock, sometimes it's more of a Southern Rock sound and some songs could even be described as Psychobilly, but above all that, Nashville Pussy are a band who aren't afraid to poke fun at people (and themselves) and have a laugh with their songs – not in a Spinal Tap way, though, but more subtly than that.

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'Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray For Tennessee' which is a great (dare I say it), hillbilly song with a mandolin leading the way instead of guitars. There are some girly backing vocals, which are in contrast to her, how should I put this, "dirtier" vocals that appear elsewhere on the album. If you ignore the title and don't look to closely at the lyrics, this could be a regular country music song but if you delve a bit deeper, then the true meaning of the song is blatantly obvious.

Likewise, 'Philbilly' is along similar vocal lines. It's a fast paced number that doesn't take itself too seriously when it come to lyrical content but the tune is a real corker. For all the humour and plain silliness that the band produce, you should never forget the fact that some of the instrumental tracks they produce are really well laid out and performed – the comedy element only rears its head when the band add in the lyrics.

'Before The Drugs Wear Off' is a much slower, blusier track altogether, and was almost instantly a favourite of mine, being played on repeat time and time again. There is a comedy element in the lyrics here that comes across really well, in such lines as "Well I'm nearly five foot nine, In my cowboy boots". The backing vocals add a nice touch to frontman Blaine Cartwrights gravely voice, and if you don't laugh when listening to this track, then there really must be something wrong with you!

nashville pussy

'Beginning Of The End' is more of a straight rock and roll number and is another of my favourites. Cartwright sounds a bit like Alice Cooper and the lyrics are half sung and half spoken giving it a different feel entirely from a vocal performance point of view. As does 'Rub It To Death' which is a full-on rocker. Here, Cartwright sounds like he's almost struggling to spit out the lyrics by the mid-way point, because of the fast tempo of the song, but he does just manages to get through the lyrics unscathed.

You want some innuendo too? Well, it's here in spades in case you hadn't already guessed by the title! From the chorus and throughout the verses, they need no more explanation from anyone, so enjoy or avoid at your peril.

'Till The Meat Falls Off The Bone' is short on words but big on music as the central guitar riff powers through at a steady pace. Drummer Jeremy Thompson plays a good solid beat while Cartwright does a good job here between singing the lyrics and whispering them.

For me, the guitar solo is a bit of a weird beast but is nevertheless enjoyable. Maybe more bands should take a leaf out of Nashville Pussy book and give us something to laugh at, because there are too many bands these days who try and be all serious and it's refreshing to find a band who enjoy a laugh as much as we do.

You can see Nashville Pussy live here:
Saturday 11th October - De Casino, Sint-Niklaas
Monday 13th October - Spirit Of 66, Verviers
Tuesday 14th October - The Underworld, London
Thursday 16th October - Stealth, Nottingham
Saturday 18th October - Broadcast, Glasgow
Sunday 19th October - Roadhouse, Manchester
Monday 20th October - Thekla, Bristol
Tuesday 21st october - Covent Garden, Éragny-sur-Oise
Wednesday 22nd October - Le Ferrailleur, Nantes
Thursday 23rd October - Le Passager Du Zinc, Avignon
Friday 24th October - Les Abattoirs, Bourgoin-Jallieu
Saturday 25th October - L'atelier des Môles, Montbéliard
Sunday 26th October - Zoom, Frankfurt
Monday 27th October - Universum, Stuttgart
Wednesday 29th October - Kranhalle @ Feierwerk, Munich
Thursday 30th October - Chelsea (Vienna-Austria)Lerchenfelder Gürtel, Vienna
Friday 31st October - Progresja Club, Warsaw
Saturday 1st November - Club Nova Chmelnice, Prague
Sunday 2nd November - Scheune, Dresden
Monday 3rd November - LidoCuvrystraße 7, Berlin
Wednesday 5th November - LogoGrindelallee 5, Hamburg
Thursday 6th November - UndergroundVogelsanger Strasse, Köln
Friday 7th November - BurgerweeshuisBagijnenstraat 9, Deventer
Saturday 8th November - VeraOosterstraat, Groningen

'Up The Dosage' Track list:
Everybody's Fault But Mine
Rub It To Death
Till The Meat Falls Off The Bone
The South's Too Fat To Rise Again
Before The Drugs Wear Off
Beginning Of The End
Up The Dosage
Taking It Easy
White And Loud
Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray For Tennessee
Pillbilly Blues
Pussy's Not A Dirty Word

Nashville Pussy are:
Blaine Cartwright – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Ruyter Suys – Lead Guitar
Bonnie Buitrago – Bass Guitar
Jeremy Thompson - Drums

Nashville Pussy Online:

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