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Beat Generator, Dundee
Saturday 27th September 2014

Johnny Main: Photos by Carlan Braid.

johnny main

hordes of beilal

It seems that rock and Metal festivals are becoming bigger and bigger in the last few years, and the birth of some smaller festivals has also occurred meaning that the chances are that you don't have to travel far these days to see a good selection of bands.

For those not keen on camping in a field with limited facilities, there are other events that are effectively a festival in a day and Hordes Of Beilal is one of these. Fifteen bands performed over seven hours in a nightclub ensuring that you're sheltered from any rain and a fully stocked bar is never far away.

Now in its fifth year, Hordes Of Belial (Belial is a demon in Jewish and Christian texts, in case you were wondering) celebrates the best of Metal and gives those fans north of Perth something a bit more local to go to. The fifth installment of Hordes, as it's known, has the tag line "V is for Vile!", and it's a firmly Metal only event, showcasing the very best of up and coming as well as more established bands – where the heavier, is most definitely the better!

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This year's headline act was Newcastle based quartet Def-Con-One who really needed no introduction as they took to the stage at just before 11:00pm, and their performance they put on only served to demonstrate why they were chosen to close the event.

Blasting straight into 'Brute Force And Ignorance', the drum beats vibrate through the venue floor as the band got down to business and the crowd, although tired after a long day, still had energy left to give the band a warm welcome and appreciate a band where every single note is played with pure passion and raw power.

hordes of beilal

'10 Bullets' keeps up the pace as vocalist Davey Meikle and guitarist Johnny Hunter engage in some onstage tomfoolery whilst bass player, Steve Miller seems completely unaware as he head bands away furiously at the other side of the stage. Meikle dedicated 'In Death' to all the other bands playing throughout the day, which is a nice touch as the audience down the front head bang away.

Meikles' performance is astounding as he gives it everything he's got while it's Hunter and Millers turn to have a bit of fun onstage. This band may well be heavy and Metal, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to have a laugh onstage!

From here on in, the band treat the audience to a generous amount of cuts from the 'Brute Force and Ignorance' EP, and their latest album, 'II', including 'Scarred For Life' and, one of my personal favourites, 'No More Hate'. The former has drummer Antton Lant showing his power as the floor vibrates every time he hits the bass drum pedal, so lord only knows what the people in the pub downstairs make of it all.

hordes of beilal

'March Of The Dead' a fan favourite from their debut album 'Warface', energises the crowd once more as they start to sing along without any encouragement needed from the band, and Meikle looks delighted by the audiences enthusiasm. As time marches on, though, the band pile through the 'Warface' track itself, one of the heaviest tunes in the bands set which also gives Miller his moment in the spotlight as his relentless bass rhythms come to the fore.

Meikle manages an incredible blood curdling scream to the delight of the crowd before the band head bang like crazy encouraging the crowd to do the same. From out of nowhere a cowboy hat is handed to Meikle, which then makes it way round various members of the band before being returned to its rightful owner, much to the amusement of band and audience.

Finishing up with 'Steeped In Pain', the band bring the curtain down on a day of heavy bands with a set that just reinforces why they were asked to be headliners and it gives the younger bands who played throughout the day, something to aim towards in the future.

Def-Con-One Set List:
Brute Force And Ignorance
10 Bullets
In Death
No More Hate
Scarred For Life
March Of The Dead
Give Me Strength
Soul Possessed
Steeped in Pain

Def-Con-One are: Davey Meikle – Vocals
Johnny Hunter – Guitar
Steve Miller – Bass Guitar
Antton Lant – Drums

Def-Con-One Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

Headliners of the second stage were Lipid, and for those, like me, unaware of them until now, they are a Thrash band from Denmark who drew a respectable if inquisitive crowd.

Set opener 'Hagridden' is a solid blast that has the crowd animated with guitarist Thomas Møller pulling out all the stops in his solo while frontman Søren Hartlev Pedersen maintains the heavy rhythm guitar riff. Slow and steady is the name of the game here and is clear to see why these guys are playing a special guests to Def Con One.

A pair of young head bangers down the front provide some amusement to the band and audience as they try their best to join in with the crowd, but fail miserably and give up after a relatively short time. 'Prevail Through Loss' we're told is one of the first songs they ever wrote some twenty years ago and it still sounds fresh today with Møller taking centre stage for the intricate solo.

As the set progresses, one uber fan stands right in front of Pedersen making the most of the highlight of his night as the crowd around him head bang away. A broken snare drum unexpectedly halts the bands performance and while a tech runs off to retrieve a new one, it's left to Pedersen to entertain the crowd before an unexpected but spirited rendition of Europe's 'The Final Countdown'.

'Chaos World' is pre-empted by rehearsed feedback before the full force of it is unleashed as drummer Martin Hartlev Pedersen plays a really heavy beat as the rhythm guitar riff track seemingly drives the song faster and faster.

The band complete their set with 'Paralyzed Civilisation' which may not be amongst the fastest songs of their set but it was certainly one of their heaviest and the loud applause from the audience shows how much their set was appreciated, and it certainly looks like they garnered a few new fans from their inaugural appearance at Hordes.

Lipid Set List:
God We Have Slain
Prevail Through Loss
Cows Ablaze
The Final Countdown
Dressed In Fear
Nice Day On The Road
Chaos World
Paralyzed Civilisation

Lipid are:
Søren Hartlev Pedersen – Guitar/Vocals
Thomas Møller – Lead Guitar
John Frederik Smedemark – Bass Guitar
Martin Hartlev Pedersen – Drums

Lipid Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

A big draw were Bisongrass, who commanded a sizeable crowd and were in no mood to waste time as they kicked off their set with 'Electrified Gypsy' and from the first drumbeat to the last chord it's a polished performance from the Aberdonian quintet.

Vocalist Mark Craig quickly dispenses with the microphone stand giving him a bit more freedom onstage and he uses this to the max as he barely stands in the same spot for the rest of their set.

Craig introduces 'Prototype 59' as a song you "might have heard on Radio Two", and if you've ever heard the song, you'll know that this will never be played on Radio Two – not even if they had a Rock/Metal show. The twin guitar sound is heavy and those down the front bang their heads in time especially when the pace quickens during the mid-section as guitarist James Dron plays the solo before Craig playfully tries to throttle him with the microphone lead before the song reverts back to the main slower riff.

New song 'Protagonist' is aired with guitarist Aaron Man setting out the main rhythm before drummer Taff Barber counts in the rest of the band. It doesn't take long for the head bangers to join in once again and although it's a new track, it's already proving popular judging by the reception it got here.

If this is an indication of material coming from the band I'm looking forward to the next studio release from them. Craig takes a wander into the audience as the band pile through 'King Edward' and set closer 'Soup De Jour' which sees the band bidding farewell after a great performance from band who are rapidly gaining popularity.

Bisongrass Set List:
Electrified Gypsy
Prototype 59
King Edward
Soup De Jour

Bisongrass are:
Mark Craig – Vocals
Aaron Man – Guitar
James Dron – Guitar
Farmer Giles – Bass
Taff Barber – Drums

Bisongrass Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

Burning The Dream are already into their set as the audience who had previously been watching Drekavac (included in the second part of this review) arrive at the second stage to witness a band who seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves with the audience members who were already there.

Vocalist Paul Kelly takes a wander off the small stage and into the audience as they make a semi-circle around him, which enables bass player Rowan Petch to take centre stage sandwiched between the two guitarists, Richard Paton and Iain Doherty who are head banging in time.

'I Am God' has a short intro from Kelly who seems genuinely delighted to be in Dundee, and doesn't want to waste a minute of the bands allotted stage time as he races quickly through the songs introduction. Paton adds in some powerful backing vocals before Kelly once again goes for a wander again where he's joined by Petch as yet more people file in from the other stage.

hordes of beilal

Dedicated to "bad ass motherfucker, Rolf Harris", 'Who Are We To Judge', has the crowd's heads bobbing along in time. Drummer Martin Gazur is the star of the song, though, as he uses every drum and cymbal to create a solid backing over which the relentless guitar riff is placed. The track is a real highlight of their set for me, and Kelly gives it everything he's got encouraging the crowd to do the same which they are more than happy to do as a group at the front punch the air with their fists.

'Dark Waters' and 'The Thoughtless' close off the band set and they look sure to be one of the best up and coming Scottish bands, with some members of Def Con One, checking them out. As one of the bands I was looking forward to seeing again, Burning The Dream never disappoint and I highly recommend you catch them if you see them playing a venue near you.

hordes of beilal

Burning The Dream Set List:
One Shot To Kill
Motive To Kill
I Am God
Who Are We To Judge
Dark Waters
The Thoughtless
Strongbow Headache

Burning The Dream are:
Paul Kelly – Vocals
Richard Paton – Vocals/Guitar
Iain Doherty – Guitar
Rowan Petch – Bass
Martin Gazur – Drums

Burning The Dream Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

Let's be honest and up front here, Red Command were one of the few bands that I hadn't seen before and were top of my "to see" list, and I've got to say that they absolutely didn't disappoint.

From beginning to end, it was a great performance from a band who are so tightly rehearsed that there's no room for egos and mucking about. Everyone knows what to do and when to do it, making their performance a stand out moment for me.

A punishing tempo is set by drummer Steven Hunter for 'Conflict' whilst front man Stephen Campbells vocals lean towards the more thrashy vocal style. Unfortunately his guitar sound is buried in the mix until the guitar solo when it suddenly comes to life as he puts his guitar through its paces.

'World Of Shit' may be a slower tempo during the opening but it doesn't last long as its pace quickly rises once the song gets going.

hordes of beilal

Campbell lambasts the audience for being "awfy quiet" which gets an inevitable cheer and seems to wake them up a bit too. A slower song, 'Soul Engine', allows the band to stretch themselves a bit more musically before it gives way to 'Sic and Tired' which once again raises the tempo. Campbell manages to get through the wordy lyrics before his guitar solo while bass player Scott Mathewson stoically stabs at his guitar from stage left occasionally banging his head along to the beat.

'Defaced', which is my personal favourite from their seven song set, despite the guitar solo being affected by unexpected feedback. This doesn't phase Campbell at all though, who keeps to the matter at hand trying to make sure the audience get the best performance possible from the band. A talented bunch of guys who I'm looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Red Command Set List:
World Of Shit
Soul Engine
Sic and Tired
The Hand That Feeds
The Crow Road

Red Command are:
Stephen Campbell – Guitar/Vocals
Scott Mathewson – Bass
Steven Hunter – Drums

Red Command Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

Describing themselves as a Death Metal quartet, Murderous Instinct are a loud bunch of musicians from Scotland, Portugal and Poland, but if you're a fan of Thrash metal bands, then they're definitely worth checking out even if you're not a fan of the Death Metal genre.

'Act' has slow and brooding intro as it builds up before front man Pedro Arsenio and guitarist Adam Balina trade guitar licks as drummer, James Watt, picks up the pace. Arsenios' guitar sound is unfortunately dwarfed by the rest of the band as they pile through the song, but he does a good job vocally with an ear-piercing scream that Slayer's Tom Araya would be proud of.

'March Of Fire' is, for me, amongst the best of their twenty minute stage time. A long instrumental intro gives way to Arsenios' best performance as he really puts his voice through its paces and this is topped with a tremolo driven guitar solo, before Watt seemingly sets about trying to dismantle the drum kit he's hitting it so hard.

The bands final number, 'Locust', is much slower in tempo before the faster mid section speeds up has Watt giving a more measured performance behind the drum kit. This is a band that I hadn't heard of before but I'll certainly trying to catch them live again to see how they perform for a longer set.

Murderous Instinct Set List:
Deliberately Offensive
Burn Down The Sky
Chains And Slavery
March Of Fire

Murderous Instinct are:
Pedro Arsenio – Vocals/Lead Guitars
Adam Balina – Guitars
Mark Cross – Bass
James Watt – Drums/Backing Vocals

Murderous Instinct Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

These type of events are never easy when you're the first band on, and it was up to local Groove Metallers Dirty Judas to set the ball rolling.

Guitarist Sam Whyte plays an extended solo during set opener, 'Fits Like A Fist In The Eye' but it's with 'Dead Inside' that his soloing becomes a bit more fluid.

hordes of beilal

'Cut/Throat' is a mid tempo no-nonsense number with front man Colin MacGregor sounding deliciously evil as he gives his best performance of the set.

The band close with 'No Mans Land' which is a good mid paced number. Drummer Gav Robertson holds his own here as he beats out the complex rhythm. It was a solid start to the event, no doubt, but the short set time and being the first band probably meant this band had more disadvantages than any other band this year – let's hope they end up further up next year's bill.

hordes of beilal

Dirty Judas Set List:
Fits Like A Fist In The Eye
Dead Inside
No Mans Land

Dirty Judas are:
Colin MacGregor – Vocals/Bass Guitar
Sam Whyte – Guitar
David Falconer – Guitar
Gav Robertson – Drums

Dirty Judas Online:

Special Thanks to Paul Macmillan

Hordes of Beilal Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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