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Beat Generator, Dundee
Saturday 27th September 2014

Johnny Main: Photos by Carlan Braid.

johnny main

hordes of beilal

In the second part of our review of Hordes of Belial V, (part one can be read here), we look at the rest of the bands who graced the stage for one of Scotland's heaviest Metal events.

Threshold Sicks wandered onstage with no introduction and kicked off their forty minute set which even early on promised to be another highlight of the day. As drummer Ivan Sveda launched into 'Lie Induced Vomit', frontman Phil Malloch shouted for the audience to "scream for me" which gets a good enough response for him, judging by the smile on his face.

The bass Greg Mckenzie-Milne and guitarist (Hordes organiser) Paul Macmillan are busy head banging that they barely notice the crowd wedged against the barrier is growing song by song. Sveda does a good job of holding down the beat at the back, making the most of his tom toms and cymbals as the song reaches its finale.

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'Live Up To The Promise' has Malloch laughing his way through the lyrics as Macmillan lays out the main guitar riff as Mckenzie-Milne bangs his head furiously through the set. "Make some noise so the neighbours can hear you!" shouts Malloch to a loud cheer which brings another smile to his face.

'Regicide' is written about "killing a king", we're told, and it's another fast one as Sveda thrashes out the beat before the band unveil a brand new song in the form of 'Pitbully'. The pace doesn't drop here as Malloch puts everything into his performance as he plucks his animal horn shaped drinking vessel from his belt to toast the crowd before allowing a lucky free down the front to drink from it. It's this kind of showmanship that's lacking from younger bands these days, which is a shame.

As their set finishes, it's safe to assume we've not seen (or heard) the last of Threshold Sicks, and judging by the audiences' reaction at the end, there's a ready-made market just waiting for their next release, and it's something I'm looking forward to myself.

hordes of beilal

Threshold Sicks Set List:
Lie Induced Vomit
Bide Time Till Drowning
Nights Of The Old Code
Live Up To They Promise
Beat Unmerciful

Threshold Sicks are:
Phil Malloch – Vocals
Paul Macmillan – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Greg Mckenzie-Milne – Bass/Backing Vocals
Ivan Sveda – Drums

Threshold Sicks Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

hordes of beilal

A big draw were Dog Tired, and the assembled mass at the front of the stage awaiting their arrival only confirmed this. As the band began their set, it didn't take drummer Keef Blaikie long to get up to speed as he thrashed away at the back for their debut number, 'The Digital Plague'.

Guitarist Luke James played a great solo before encouraging the crowd to get involved as Metal horns are hoisted for the first time all day, surprisingly. 'Iron Sky' followed swiftly which is a slow and heavy number that really got the crowd going as the pace built up. Vocalist Chris Thomson gives a really good performance and is not hard to see why this young band are so highly rated by so many people.

The band offer up a brand new song, 'Deverium', which may have been unfamiliar to the audience but it didn't show as they head banged their way through it with no encouragement from the band required at all. Bass player Barry Buchanan handed out some beers to band and audience before they continued with 'God Disease', for which the band will be shooting a music video for in the next couple of weeks.

It's a fast energetic number which proves to be a surefire winner with the crowd judging by their reaction to it, especially when Thomson encourages everyone to get their hands in the air, and not a pair of hands in the venue remain down it seems.

The band toast their audience with a variety of drinks before they launch into their final number, 'Impact' which has Thomson trying to draw every last drop of passion out of the audience. Having seen the band before, it's great to see them again and yet again, they give an astounding performance. Dog Tired are already getting a name for themselves as a great live act and that is no fluke.

Quite possibly my band of the day, there is no doubt that this band are going to be huge and personally I can't wait to see them headlining on bigger stages and I'm sure that won't be too.

hordes of beilal

Dog Tired Set List:
The Digital Plague
Iron Sky
God Disease

Dog Tired are:
Chris Thomson – Vocals
Luke James – Guitar
Barry Buchanan – Bass Guitar
Keef Blaikie – Drums

Dog Tired Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

Edinburgh based four piece Atragon were probably the lightest band of the day bearing in mind the heavier sound of some of the bands, but their particular brand of doom Metal/rock more than stood up against some of those heavier bands featured on the bill.

Guitarist Ruaridh Daunton played a great solo during set opener, 'Matriarch Did Bleed', which was set quite far back in the mix so it blended in nicely with the band as opposed to overpowering everything else. It didn't take vocalist Jan Gardner long before he took a wander offstage and into the audience as the rest of the band carried on seemingly unawares.

hordes of beilal

This was the first time the band had played in Dundee, and they looked genuinely thrilled to be playing at the event and showing those who hadn't seen them before exactly what they were all about. 'Wallowing Wizard' has a solid doomy groove to it and had some of the audience tapping their feet in time. The band also showcase a new one, 'Dead Weight Of Unimportant' which has a very Sabbath-like riff to it which received loud applause at its conclusion.

The title track of the bands new album, 'I, Necromancer' (which should be out late 2014 or early 2015) is counted in by drummer Jason Watt, and is a slow but immensely heavy number. Gardner once again took an impromptu walk around the audience pressing the flesh to the delight of those fans at the front of the stage.

The last song in their set is a cover of 'Bite It You Scum' by American punk rock singer-songwriter, GG Allin, which had Gardners' intro all but drowned out by Dauntons' guitar sound, but the audience didn't seen to care as those wedged against the barrier head bang along one last time. As covers go, it's an interesting interpretation with its fast beat and blistering solo but it's obviously a crowd pleaser judging by the reaction at the end, and a great way to end the bands set.

hordes of beilal

Atragon Set List:
Matriarch Did Bleed
Wallowing Wizard
Dead Weight of Unimportant
I, Necromancer
Bite It You Scum

Atragon are:
Jan Gardner – Vocals
Ruaridh Daunton – Guitar
Ewen Cameron – Bass
Jason Watt – Drums

Atragon Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

Slightly behind time, Drekavac took to the stage and it's clear from their corpse paint that they are a black Metal band - and the only one to feature at the event.

'The Abomination Of Flesh' kicked off their set and had the band drawing a sizeable crowd, who seem slightly wary as they distance themselves from the stage as opposed to hanging off the crowd barrier as happened for most of the other acts.

Still the band aren't deterred as they put on a good, solid performance. Vocalist Hyperion encourages the crowd to move forward to the barrier during the lengthy instrumental middle section as drummer, Mephistopheles, pounds out the solid beat. As Hyperion's vocals kick back in, it's a bit of showmanship from him that persuades some of the previously hesitant audience to move towards the stage.

hordes of beilal

'Severer' which is taken from the bands upcoming EP (planned for release in 2015) is a fast and frantic number which has a few head bangers at the front whilst the twin guitars of Sceadugenga and the second guitarist who stands at the back, in a black hooded robe obscuring any details of his face, blast from the PA.

As musicians, Mephistopheles' pounding drum beats and the guitars all work very well, but you get the feeling that this is the wrong crowd for the band as their doesn't seem to be many black Metal fans amongst the audience. For me, they played a good set, and should be commended for it, and I'll certainly be checking out their EP upon its release, if not before.

hordes of beilal

Drekavac Set List:
Abomination Of Flesh
The Rotting God
Forest Of Shadows
Incipit Demonas Pandorum

Drekavac are:
Hyperion – Vocals
Sceadugenga – Guitar
Xross – Bass
Mephistopheles – Drums

Drekavac Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

Hailing from Inverness, Seed of Sorrow set off at a blistering pace and the quintet give it all they can muster in a set that lasts a little over twenty minutes, and it seems like everyone is a fan of them as the audience becomes a head banging mass.

'Death Fuck Ritual' seems an even faster tempo than frantic set opener, 'Disease Ridden Shit Sphere' and during the solo of the former, guitarist Mark Savage, takes a sojourn into the audience.

Vocalist Lewis Goodwin comes from Dundee, he tells us before exclaiming, "How great is this eh?" to laughter and applause from the audience. There's no time to wallow in the spotlight, though, as they continue with 'Crush Your Enemies' which has Savage and rhythm guitarist Nick Laidlaw jumping off stage in a bit of a face of with the audience whilst Goodwin paces from one side of the stage to the other spitting out the vocals passages.

'Clownpuncher' is a fine end to the bands set with drummer John Murray leading the way with his solid drumbeat which doesn't let up at all. As the band exits the stage, both band and audience part with similes on their faces showing it's a job well done for the band and a return visit to Dundee on the cards, I'm sure.

Seed Of Sorrow Set List:
Disease Ridden Shit Sphere
Death Fuck Ritual
Crush Your Enemies

Seed Of Sorrow are:
Lewis Goodwin – Vocals
Mark Savage – Lead Guitar
Nick Laidlaw – Guitar
Donald Tolmie – Bass
John Murray – Drums

Seed Of Sorrow Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

Four piece Centrilia gave a good performance with 'You Are In Error', the tittle track of the bands latest CD, and one of their better songs.

Guitarist David Sandford throws out the guitar rhythm while vocalist Gavin Marshall tried his best to get the crowd involved. The extended middle section gave Sandford a chance to show what he can do with a good solo before drummer Andy Brown comes to the fore with his rib-rattling drumming.

New song, 'Be A Voice Not An Echo' is related to the recent Scottish referendum vote, and with the opening lines of "Yes, Yes, Yes" there's no doubt in anyones' mind which way the bands allegiance lies. Marshall gives a good animated performance here before Sandford takes centre stage with his solo once again.

'Devour - The Pain Mechanism' closes the bands short set and for me it's the best of all the songs they performed. The headbangers down the front finally get going while Marshall gives a great vocal performance. Bass player Gareth Ellis cracks a smile or two in between bouts of head banging and the band are greeted with a loud reception at the songs conclusion showing that their appearance he certainly won them a few new fans.

Centrilia Set List:
The Truth Will Burn The Ivory Towers
You Are In Error
Be A Voice Not An Echo
Devour - The Pain Mechanism

Centrillia are:
Gavin Marshal – Vocals
David Sandford – Guitar
Gareth Ellis – Bass Guitar
Andy Brown – Drums

Band Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer



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