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Audio, Glasgow
Friday 10th October 2014

Johnny Main

johnny main


Dubbed the 'Trash United 2014' tour, the prospect of seeing one the leading lights of the Teutonic thrash Metal scene, Destruction, along with three up and coming thrash bands was one that I didn't want to pass up, and along with a couple of hundred others, I made my way to Audio in Glasgow for what promised to be a night of headbanging crazyness in the confines of a small venue offering an intimate, if loud, night of live music.

It was clear why Destruction were installed as headliners for this tour, as some latecomers arrived at the packed venue only minutes before the band's intro music played and a thick wall of dry ice wafted forwards from the stage covering the first couple of rows of the audience before the band made their entrance.

Kicking off their set with 'Total Desaster', the band were bathed in red light, giving an absolutely stunning performance from beginning to end.

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With their new album, 'Spiritual Genocide' released in 2012, I was expecting a good number of cuts from the album to be performed, however the eventuality was that only two numbers, 'Carnivore' and the title track, were performed. Both tracks went down well with the audience but it was the former that went down best.

"Are there any ladies in the audience?" asked frontman Marcel Schirmer before he introduced the number which is about a particularly nasty young lady, but the song had the audiences fists raised in the air as the strobe lights and dry ice came together adding an extra bit of atmosphere to the performance.

For the rest of the set, the band treated the audience to a trip through their back catalogue, cherry picking the very best tracks to make this (almost like) a greatest hits set, and with nearly thirty years of material to choose from, the band really did a great job of pinning down exactly what the fans wanted to hear.

'Thrash Till Death' gave Schirmer a chance to showcase his voice with a piercing scream before he and guitarist Mike Sifringer swapped sides so that the fans at both ends of the stage get a chance to press the flesh with their heroes. 'Life Without Sense' is a slower, heavier number which has the assembled mass head banging away as the strobe lights and continual flood of dry ice help to build the atmosphere up again before Schirmer encourages the audience to get their hands in the air, a request they're more than happy to comply with.


Schirmer is clearly delighted to be back in Scotland, and in a bit of fun he passes out some beers to the front row before asking if there are "any songs you want to hear?" and as the audience shout out their favourites, he adds that there won't be any "covers – only original songs!" As the crowd continues to shout out song titles to him, Schirmer suggests they play either 'Tormentor' or 'Death Trap' before the latter wins through in the end to the obvious delight of the audience.

Drummer Wawrzyniec Dramowicz is hardly seen throughout the bands set as there's no drum riser on stage, but he does get his moment in the spotlight when he stands up between songs to great applause. Schirmer introduces 'Black Death' to a loud roar of approval, and during the instrumental section, the crowd have their hands on the air as Dramowicz thrashes out the fast beat before Sifringer takes centre stage with a blistering solo before the pile through 'Eternal Ban' which is greeted by more wild applause at its conclusion.

By the time Schirmer introduces 'Bestial Invasion' a couple of bouncers have been installed at the front of the stage to try and control the increasingly unruly audience at the front of the barrier, who'd be on the stage rather than in front of if they got their way, and the bouncers certainly earn their money as the constant barrage of crowd surfers begins to take its toll on them.

With time slipping towards the curfew, the audience are treated to 'Curse The Gods' and closing number, 'The Butcher Strikes Back' both of which have the band bathed in red light once again as the audience start a circle pit, as they devour every minute of the band onstage.

Destruction may not have played Glasgow for sometime but it's safe to say that they have been missed if the reception from the fans is anything to go by. From comments made by Schirmer as he spoke about their new album (which is due for release next year through Nuclear Blast), it seems like Glasgow will be added to the tour dates to back it up which means that we all get a chance to do this again!

Destruction Set List:
Total Desaster
Thrash Till Death
Nailed to the Cross
Mad Butcher
Black Death
Eternal Ban
Life Without Sense
Spiritual Genocide
Beyond Eternity (short song)
Release from Agony
Hate Is My Fuel
Death Trap
Bestial Invasion
Curse the Gods
The Butcher Strikes Back

Destruction are:
Marcel Schirmer - Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar
Mike Sifringer - Guitars
Wawrzyniec Dramowicz – Drums/Backing Vocalsv
Destruction Online:
Official Website: Facebook:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

Having caught Shrapnel in March this year opening for Overkill and Xentrix, I was keen to catch them again, having enjoyed their previous set. It was clear that I wasn't the only one looking forward to catching them as the bar area emptied out and the throng at the front of the stage began to build as the band set about sound-checking their equipment.

Happy with their sound, there was no going off stage a re-appearing to some healthy applause, the band simply got down to doing what they do best – entertaining. 'Red Terror' had the air guitars out at the front of the stage as opposed to head bangers, while bass player Darryl Abbot and guitarist Chris Martin exchanged smiles showing they were enjoying being back in Glasgow. The solo from Nathan Sadd is unfortunately lost in the mix which is a shame but he appears totally unawares of the situation. It did look like a great solo though!


There's no time for messing about as vocalist Jae Hadley introduces 'Pseudocommando' which is a slower number than some of the other tracks but still has enough of a punch to keep those down the front head banging away. Hadley's performance here is faultless as he commands the audiences full attention. When not singing Hadley's furiously head banging before he mounts the crowd barrier to encourage those at the very back of the venue to get involved.

'Eternal War' has Sadd having a bit of fun with those fans down the front of the stage as he playfully winks and smiles at them at the end of the song despite his guitar sound is still lost somewhere in the mix. It's particular shame here because the faint echoes of his solo that can actually be heard sound incredible and you can tell by his body language that he's having so much fun playing these solos.

With time running out, they bow out with their final number, 'Warhead'. The band may not be showmen in the way some of the other bands on the bill are, but yet again they put on a solid, professional performance, and I'm in no doubt that this band have a long and successful career in front of them.

Shrapnel Set List:
Kingdom Come
Red Terror
Eternal War

Shrapnel are:
Jae Hadley – Vocals
Nathan Sadd - Guitar
Chris Martin - Guitar
Darryl Abbot - Bass
Simon Jackson - Drums

Shrapnel Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer


I'd heard about Lost Society prior to this gig but hadn't seen them live at all before, so I was interested to see if the hype about them was true. The Finnish based quartet may have been second band on, but there is no denying their live show is something to be seen – energetic is that watchword here, and perfectly describes their performance.

As their intro comes to an end, the band (literally) skip onstage with frontman Samy Elbanna encouraging the crowd to cheer before they blast into 'KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)'. Elbanna bounds about the stage during this fast number and most of the bands six song set.

'Attaxic' has the dandruff flying onstage and in the audience and drummer Ossi Paananen lays down the solid powerful beat. Elbanna looks like he's beginning to struggle half way through as his relentless bounding about the stage whilst singing and playing the guitar seems to start taking its toll, but still manages to carry on after the briefest of pauses.

'Tyrant Takeover' is a slower in tempo during the intro but it soon ramps up as Paananen sets down a solid rhythm and the band of headbangers down the front grows in size minute by minute.

Elbanna gets up and close with those wedged against the crowd barrier as his solo seems to get lost in the mix but no one seems to care as before guitarist Arttu Lesonenlays down his solo egged on by Elbanna.

'Braindead Metalhead' has the unscheduled appearance of a fan dressed in a red invisible man coustume with a cut off denim jacket who is invited on stage by Elbanna to help sing the catchy chorus and the young fan doesn't need to be asked twice. Not the most complex of numbers when it comes to the chorus, but it does is job of getting the crowd warned up as the shout the songs title repeatedly. All good fun really, and proves the band have a sense of humour.

'Overdosed Brain' has the band giving it everything one more time but as the band prepare to leave the stage they're given the opportunity to do one more song, so they blast through 'Terror Hungry' with Elbanna totally abandoning his guitar and pressing the flesh with crowd down the front - nearly falling into the crowd at one point before he can resist it no longer and dives into the audience, bringing to an end of a slightly chaotic performance but one which the band and audience thoroughly enjoyed.


Lost Society Set List:
KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)
Tyrant Takeover
Braindead Metalhead
Overdosed Brain
Terror Hungry

Lost Society are:
Samy Elbanna - Guitar/Vocals
Arttu Lesonen - Guitar
Mirko Lehtinen - Bass Guitar
Ossi Paananen - Drums

Lost Society Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

A tolling bell and some dry ice announces the arrival of Evil Invaders to the stage before they burst onto stage already playing the opening to 'Stairway To Insanity' as the crowd welcome them with open arms. Straightaway, front man Jöe Anus and guitarist Sam Lemmens stand atop the crowd barrier in a great bit if showmanship as they urge those at the back to move forwards.

'Driving Fast' continues the fast pace with the band not wasting time on song introductions. All four band members are a mass of hair with Anus, Lemmens and bass player Nico Beekwilder running around the small stage while the audience headbang away. The slower section gives Lemmens the chance to show his skills as Anus encourages the first circle pit of the night and the fans don't disappoint as it breaks out sending those unsure of what to do scurrying to safety at the side of the venue.

We're treated to a new song, 'Fast Loud And Rude', which lives up to its name by being fast and loud. Beekwilder and Lemmens swap sides once again during the verses which isn't as easy as it sounds on the small stage already packed with equipment, while Anus plays another great solo before Lemmens picks it up and takes over.


We're treated to a respectable cover of Exciters 'Violence And Force' which brings the circle pit back into action with one girl forcefully shoving those involved back into the pit and away from her – so much for being the gentler sex eh? Never the most obvious band to cover, it's nice to see an Exciter track getting an outing from such a young band.

Wrapping up their set with 'Evil Invaders', Beekwilder comes off stage onto the venue floor to separate the audience before retreating to the safety of the stage as the next circle pit gets going on his command. At the conclusion of the bands set, the crowd are literally going wild so it's safe to assume the band have gained a lot of fans with their high energy performance and you can count me amongst those who are looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.


Evil Invaders Set List:
Stairway to Insanity
Driving Fast
Fast, Loud and Rude
Violence & Force
Evil Invaders

Evil Invaders are:
Jöe Anus- Lead Vocals/Guitars
Sam Lemmens - Guitars
Nico Beekwilder - Bass Guitar
Senne "Pattat" Jacobs - Drums

Evil Invaders Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

All photographs - (c) Neil Russell 2014 17.10.2014


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