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Broadcast, Glasgow
Saturday 18th October 2014

Johnny Main: Photos by Carlan Braid.

johnny main

nashville pussy

Broadcast in Glasgow holds around two hundred people and by the time Nashville Pussy step on stage, it's fair to say that the venue is sold out as the crowd surge forwards with some of the front row almost landing up on the stage itself for what is a rare headline appearance by the band in the city.

The band don't hang about though as they fire off their headline set with 'Keep On Fuckin'', which had front man Blaine Cartwright looking less than happy when he realises that his guitar isn't working. After frantically trying to sort out the issue himself, he hands his guitar to his tech who frantically tries to get the back up guitar sorted out leaving Cartwright to carry on with the song in the meantime.

With all this going on, there's plenty going on onstage as guitarist Ruyter Suys throws out a great solo which has those down the front headbanging furiously along.

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New bass player Bonnie Buitrago seems to having a great time judging by the smile on her face, while Suys pulls out another great solo for 'High As Hell' almost hitting her guitar off the low ceiling as she hoists it above her head. Cartwright looks surprised that the first mosh pit of the night has broken out so early, but then it is a Saturday night in Glasgow so it's fair to assume that some (if not all) of the audience have been partying prior to the gig.

There's a quick discussion between Cartwright and Suys which has the pair in fits of laughter before they press on with 'Rub It Out' from their new album 'Up The Dosage', (reviewed on MetalTalk here) and has those who know it down in front of the stage punching their fists in the air while those further back pull out their camera phones.

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Overall, there are a handful of tracks from the new album performed including 'The South's Too Fat To Rise Again' which has Suys playing a great solo which gets a great reception from the audience.

'She's Got The Drugs' has Suys taking centre stage for her solo before Buitrago joins her at the front for some head banging fun, much to the delight of those in the front row of the audience. 'I'm So High' is dedicated to "anyone who is offering marijuana to the band" says Cartwright with a grin on his face but sadly for him, no offers are forthcoming.

nashville pussy

This band aren't afraid to party onstage and it's not long before a bottle of Jim Beam is passed around the band who take turns in drawing large swigs from the bottle. As Cartwright toasts the audience with it, Suys takes another swig before spitting it out on the audience much to their delight. It's eventually passed to drummer Jeremy Thompson who wisely secretes it beside his drum kit. A wise move!

A bass solo during a cover of the Kokomo Arnold track 'Milk Cow Blues' gives Buitrago her moment in the spotlight before Thompson gets his as he's introduced to the audience as "the man who played (drums) for Robert Plant!"

nashville pussy

As the band exit the stage after the main set, there are loud chants for them to return for an encore and the band look happy to oblige. 'Go Motherfucker Go' has the first (and only) crowd surfer of the night clamber onstage before he launches himself into an audience who aren't quite sure what to do with him, so he's momentarily suspended by the crowd until a helpful push from a band tech sends him on his way until he's rather unceremoniously dropped by the audience further back.

The band end their set with 'You're Goin' Down' and one of the crowd gets brave as he steps onstage only do be roughly bundled off as the stage by one of the bands crew as the rest of the audience around him start one final mosh pit.

nashville pussy

The band eventually leave the stage to more loud cheers and I'm sure they would have been happy to continue had the venue curfew not been reached. With a great new album to support and their first headline gig in Glasgow for some time, it's a great welcome for the band, who show the audience, the very best of their live show.

Nashville Pussy Set List:
Keep On Fuckin'
High As Hell
Struttin' Cock
Rub It To Death
She's Got The Drugs
I'm So High
Everybody's Fault But Mine
The South's Too Fat To Rise Again
Up The Dosage
Go To Hell
Milk Cow Blues
Snake Eyes
Why Why Why
Go Motherfucker Go
You're Goin' Down

nashville pussy

Nashville Pussy are:
Blaine Cartwright – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Ruyter Suys – Lead Guitar
Bonnie Buitrago – Bass Guitar
Jeremy Thompson - Drums

Nashville Pussy Online:

beer beer beerbeerbeer

Hailing from Oxford, Desert Storm make their second trip up to Glasgow for a gig and are greeted with warm applause as they step out onto the stage before immediately get on with the task at hand by opening their set with 'Ol Town'.

There's some heavy duty riffing from guitarist Chris White while drummer Elliot Cole pounds out the solid and heavy beat at the back of the stage. Frontman, Matt Ryan, gives an effortless performance and he's rewarded with a loud reception at the song's finale.

There's a short welcome from Ryan as he quickly addresses the crowd for the first time but there's no time wasting here as the band power on through 'Pocketwatch'. Elliot Cole is the star of the show here as he batters out a solid beat and if you add in bass player, Ryan Cole, then you have a good solid engine room.

It's pointed out that Ryan Cole isn't even the band's regular bass player but is usually their rhythm guitarist, however their regular bass player, Chris Benoist, couldn't make the gig so he stepped in to take over bass guitar duties here but you couldn't tell by his performance which really is first class. I actually thought he was being enigmatic as played most of the set with his back towards the audience, but in hindsight this wasn't quite the case.

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There's a jokey intro from Ryan who asks whose "getting drunk tonight?" to loud cheers as they carry on with 'Night Bus Blues', which turns out to be one of the heaviest numbers. Most of the audience are quite happy just to nod along in time with the beat but there are a few right down the front singing along to the words, encouraged by Ryan. White plays a great solo here, making this particular number an outstanding track from the bands set for me.

'Shadow Of The Eagle' is a more upbeat number yet White makes it all look so effortless, even managing some orchestrated feedback before he unleashes his guitar solo to the delight of those at the front of the stage. Ryan also gives a good performance vocally and is clear the band are thoroughly enjoying their time in Glasgow and the song seems to be a surefire winner with the audience as it gets the loudest ovation of the night.

'Outlander' is a fast paced number with Ryan giving his most metal styled performance during the short number before the band close up their set with 'The Jackal'. This ensures that the band ends their set on a high and the audience obviously want more but alas an encore isn't possible.

Those who turned up after the band's exit from the stage missed a great set from a young band who despite not having all the members of the band onstage, still managed to put on a great performance.

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Desert Storm Set List:
Ol Town
House Of Salvation
Night Bus Blues
Astral Planes
Shadow Of An Eagle
Word To The Wise Man
The Jackal

Desert Storm are:
Matt Ryan – Vocals
Chris White – Lead Guitar
Ryan Cole – Bass Guitar
Elliot Cole – Drums

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