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Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
Thursday 23rd October 2014

Johnny Main: Photos by Carlan Braid.

johnny main

boogi loushou

Describe themselves as a Rock Power trio, what Boogi Loushou deliver is exactly that – a rock set performed by three incredibly talented individuals.

The bass heavy intro to 'I Can't Sleep' has guitarist, Robert Termer, adding some frills on the basic intro before the song properly gets going. Frontman and bass player Andrew Heede turns in a credible vocal performance while Termer does a bit of rock star posing to the amusement of those in the front row of the audience.

'Round The World' continues the bands set at a fair pace as Heede occasionally sounds like the track might be slightly too fast for his vocal lines but they never quite seem to get away from him in what is undoubtedly the fastest song in their set. It's a showcase for Termer really, though, as he puts in his best performance of the night with his fantastic guitar solo.

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You get the feeling that Rush may have had an influence on the band, not only in the look of the band but in the way the that each song is constructed and performed. 'Gravity' is up next and this is a much slower and moodier track. Termer plays some lyrical guitar over the (almost) haunting vocal performance from Heede during the intro and you expect the track to pick up the pace at any moment.

The band don't fail with this, of course, as the song comes crashing in thanks to some great drumming from Peter Zakarczemny, after an extended vocal note from Heede. Termer takes centre stage (ironically without moving far from his position stage right position) with another outstanding guitar solo, capping off a great performance from all three of them.

boogi loushou

'In My Defence' is a more mid-paced number while 'Breathe' is very much in the classic rock mould. By the time we get to this point in the bands set, it seems to be a showcase after showcase for Termer's guitar skills, and no-one was complaining as he plays solo after solo enthralling everyone present.

Closing off their set with 'Jonny Scumhorse', the pace picks up once more as they give this rocker pride of place at the top of their set. It's a great end to another great set and the quality of bands all night has been outstanding.

It's clear to see that small bands are very much keeping helping to keep the live music scene alive so remember that live music isn't all about big bands in arenas playing to thousands of people - this years small bands will be the big bands in a decade or less, so make sure you give them your support too.

Boogi Loushou Set List:
I Can't Sleep
Can't Feel A Thing Anymore
Round The World
In My Defence
Jonny Scumhorse

Boogl Loushou are:
Andrew Heede – Bass/Vocals
Robert Termer – Guitar
Peter Zakarczemny – Drums

Boogl Loushou Online:

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boogi loushou

By far the band with the loudest volume, and drawing the biggest crowd of the night are Stoneface.

After a quick hello from vocalist Stewart Storrie, the band waste no time as they kick off their set with 'Food For The Crows'. It's only the bands second gig ever, although you wouldn't think it as they put in a well rehearsed and professional set. Guitarist Grant Walsh plays a great solo during the track as Storrie encourages the crowd to clap along as he enigmatically hangs his microphone around his neck.

'Pressing Down' is slower in tempo as drummer Kevin Mackie and bass player Richard Walsh come to the fore demonstrating what a tight rhythm section they are before the razor sharp guitar riff cuts in. There's another solid performance again from Storrie who really stretches his voice during the middle section.

Describing the band as "the oldest newcomers in town!", Storrie manages to get the crowd laughing before 'Lost Without You' which slows the pace right down. One of their heaviest numbers, it becomes a vocal showcase for Storrie who treats the audience to some awe inspiring extended notes going through a range of descending notes.

With a performance like this, he should be very proud of himself, and it proves what an asset he is to the band not only as a vocalist but as a front man too. During Storries vocal display, Richard Walsh wanders over to see (his brother) Grant Walsh while Mackie holds down an impressive beat at the back of the stage.

boogi loushou

'Steps To The End' is delivered with a false start, much to the amusement of all those onstage before Grant Walsh delivers another killer riff as he unleashes one of his best guitar solos of the night. Storrie sounds menacing here as he interacts with the front row of the crowd, in what is a firm favourite of mine already, and judging by the reaction at end from the audience in not the only one who likes the song.

'Superhero' (which may be a future single for the band, teases Storrie) is another solid slab of rock. The stop-start beat from Mackie isn't the easiest to pull off but he manages it like the professional he is. Storrie paces the stage looking like he'd happily play all night and with solid numbers like these, I think that a lot of the audience would quite happily stay to hear another set from them. The " you need a hero" refrain is a catchy one and has the audience singing along without needing any encouragement as the bands set is brought to a close.

In an unexpected move, however, the band returns to the stage as they have time for one more song. They choose 'Shoot 'Em Down' which is another rocky number that gets the crowd down the front tapping their feet and as the band exit the stage at its finale, they are loudly applauded.

With the band's debut album ready for release just before Christmas, it's fair to say that they will be selling an extra few copies after tonight's extremely enjoyable live set.

boogi loushou

Stoneface Set List:
Food For The Crows
Pressing Down
Lost Without You
Step To The End
Fortunate Son
Shoot 'Em Down

Stoneface are:
Stewart Storrie – Vocals
Grant Walsh – Guitar
Richard Walsh – Bass Guitar
Kevin Mackie – Drums

Stoneface Online:

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boogi loushou

The Glam element of the evening is courtesy of Deadbeat Ragdoll, a young four piece who despite their age compared to some of the other bands, still put in a great performance.

'Black And Blue' has a slower pace than some of their other tunes in their cannon, while front man Andy McTaggart seems to be the only head banger in the room at that point. He pulls out a patchy of not un-enjoyable guitar solo, though, which may well have been down to a case of nerves more than anything, while rhythm guitarist Alan McTaggart keeps the central guitar riff going as he poses towards the back of the stage in his aviator style shades.

'Same Shit' is a medium paced track and amongst the best they have to offer. Drummer Andrew Welsh punches out the solid beat whilst Andy McTaggart puts on the best show he can for the ever growing crowd. His guitar solo is very good but it's overpowered by the rest of the bands volume which is unfortunate but not catastrophic. Perhaps if the soundman was a bit more aware of the band repertoire, things like this could have been avoided, but it's not a reflection on the bands ability at all.

It's around this point that bass player, Blaize Kage, who looks like a cross between Marc Bolan and Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx, ventures from the shadows towards the front of the stage as it finally begins to look like he's having fun.

boogi loushou

'Better Off Dead' has Welsh driving the song with his drum beat, especially during the mid-section before Andy McTaggart pulls out the guitar solo which is very much louder and makes up for missing his solo earlier in the set. "Are we all happy?" asks Andy McTaggart to a loud cheer before he tells us it's a "song about depression" in his dead pan style, to loud laughter from the audience.

The track itself has a more of a punky feel to it but it has the crowd dancing along on what was probably my favourite of their short set. All in all, though, it was a very enjoyable from a band that I'll make sure I catch again in the future.

boogi loushou

Deadbeat Ragdolls Set List:
Black And Blue
Same Shit
If I Had A Penny
Better Off Dead
Good Times
Thrill Of The Chase
Up And Down

Deadbeat Ragdolls are: Andy McTaggart – Vocals/Guitar Alan McTaggart – Guitar Blaize Kage – Bass Guitar Andrew Welsh – Drums Deadbeat Ragdolls Online: Facebook:

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boogi loushou

Big Dirty Ride were a band who I'd not heard of before and I was keen to catch them to see what they were all about and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by their performance. They were just clambering on stage when I arrived at the venue and set opener 'Just A Ride' was a good number with front man Marty MacDonald trying to get the crowd enthused.

A cover of The Kinks' 'I'm Not Like Everyone Else' may be considered to be an odd choice as opposed to playing a more well known song, but the band manage to pull off the song respectably. By the mid way point in their set, it's obvious how much the band are enjoying themselves on stage.

MacDonald has a great voice especially during 'A Little Time'. The track has an Oasis feel to it, and guitarist David McKenzie plays a great solo which is well received by the audience at the songs conclusion.

'Anywhere But Here' has drummer, Graham Goodwin, playing a slightly irregular beat in this jaunty little number while McKenzie once again comes up trumps again with his guitar solo whilst MacDonald once again tries to get the best out of the crowd. The band wind up their set with 'Shining Star', which is the rockiest number performed.

As the band end their set they're greeted with warm applause and judging by what I saw, I'd certainly be happy to see them play a set longer in the future.

boogi loushou

Big Dirty Ride Set List:
Just A Ride
Do As I Please
I'm Not Like Everyone Else
A Little Time
Anywhere But Here
Shining Star

Big Dirty Ride are:
Marty Macdonald – Vocals
David McKenzie – Guitar
Ian Walker – Guitar
Colin Walker – Guitar/Vocals
Scott Steel – Bass Guitar
Graham Goodwin – Drums

Big Dirty Ride Online:

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