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'Broken Chords'
(Capital Artists)

Johnny Main

johnny main

broken chords

Formed in 2013 and hailing from Hertfordshire and Essex, The Broken Chords are a trio who describe their sound as "Just Rock 'n' Roll" but as this ten track debut album shows there's a lot more to the band than just Rock 'n' Roll!

Album opener 'Get Some' is a very solid piece of rock music where the main riff is something that wouldn't look out of place on a Deep Purple album. I'd only heard the song a couple of times before it wedged itself into my subconscious, and I found myself singing along to it at various different times of day and kept thinking "I need to listen to this when I get home!"

Front man Joe Finnigan puts in a great vocals performance and the steady tempo makes it the ideal opener for the album.

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Likewise with 'Live And Let Loose' where drummer Jamie Wilsdon holds down a frantic beat whilst bass player, Aiden Eggenton, plays a relentless riff over which, what sounds like a bouncy Hammond organ track, and vocals from front man Joe Finnigan are laid. The track rattles along at quite a pace with what sounds like a slightly impetuous vocal performance whilst the main guitar riff keeps the song in check.

Without being disingenuous to the band's performance, this could have been a highly polished number, because it sounds a little rough around the edges, but then it would lose part of its charm. At the end of the day, though, this is only one performance of the song – and what a great song it is too.

'Rollin On' is a more bluesy rock number than some of the other tracks on the album but with its catchy chorus ("Wherever I roam, I'll be rollin on home") and it ends up being another one of these songs that you just don't seem to be able to get out of your head. You're barely ninety seconds into the track when Finnigan plays a great guitar solo before the main guitar riff kicks back in once again. A firm favourite of mine form an early listening session, and I'm greatly looking forward to (or should that be hoping) to seeing them play this track live.

broken chords

'Haunt Me' is one of the heaviest and the slowest numbers here, and it really ends up being a showcase for Finnigan. His guitar riff is used sparsely throughout the track, which in turn allows the vocals to be the focal point of the song during the first half, showing what a great voice he has.

Finnigan unleashes an incredible guitar performance towards the latter half of the number but the song ends on a whimper instead of a crescendo, but that's just a minor quibble on my part because I'd have liked to hear how the song would have continued beyond its current abrupt ending.

The album ends with the band's new single, 'Pyro', which is another musical showcase which opens with another meaty guitar riff. Just as the song feels like it's settling into a groove, the main riff falls away as Wilsdon picks up a faster paced beat before Finnigan puts in what has to be his best guitar solo of the album.

It's a rapid ascending progression that Angus Young would be proud of, before he brings it right back down to the meaty central riff once again and as the song reverts back to a slower pace. Wilsdon again dictates the pace here with his drumming, as Finnigans guitar skills get one last showcase as the song reaches its conclusion.

For a debut album there's a lot to like on here and I'm keen to see how these tracks translate to a live performance and with them about to head off on a UK tour supporting Electric Mary later this month and a headlining appearance at Hard Rock Hell in Wales next weekend, it looks like I won't have to wait long to witness the Broken Chords live experience. I don't know about you, but I can't wait!

You can see Broken Chords live here:
Friday 7th November – Diamond Rock Bar, Ballymena (supporting Electric Mary)
Saturday 8th November – Rock City, Nottingham (supporting Electric Mary)
Monday 10th November – Robin 2, Wolverhampton (supporting Electric Mary)
Wednesday 12th November – Fibbers, York (supporting Electric Mary)
Thursday 13th November – Borderline, London (supporting Electric Mary)
Saturday 15th November – Hard Rock Hell, Pwllheli, (Headlining Stage 2)
Monday 17th November – Waterfront, Norwich (supporting Electric Mary)

'Broken Chords' Track List:
Get Some
Set You Free
Stray Cats
Rollin' On
Haunt Me
Lucky 7
The New Thing
Live and Let Loose

Broken Chords are:
Joe Finnigan – Guitar/Vocals
Aiden Eggenton – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Jamie Wilsdon – Drums

Broken Chords Online:

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