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'Demonic Dinner Dance'

Johnny Main

johnny main

vantage point

Touted as "Edinburgh's premier Metal band", Vantage Point have recently celebrated ten years of heavy guitar riffs and thundering drum beats and in the midst of all the celebrations, they have released their brand new album, the seventeen track opus, 'Demonic Dinner Dance'.

Let's be honest here, rock bands have always had a chequered history when it comes to concept albums. From (arguably) the greatest concept album of all time, 'Operation: Mindcrime' by Queensryche which has a very definite storyline that can be followed throughout the album to some less successful ones.

Take Iron Maiden's 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son' album which has a less coherent story but still manages to pump out some great tunes down to albums like Kiss' 1981 effort, 'Music From The Elder', which is (again, arguably) an all time low for concept albums.

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So where, does 'Demonic Dinner Dance' sit amongst the plethora of concept albums? Well, it's actually quite a solid concept that has songs that do actually link in to provide a coherent central idea. The basis of the album is centred around the dinner dance of the title and is split into distinct sections – a couple of which are prefaced by a 'Seating Plan' introduction to make the different sections easily identifiable.

The album is book-ended with the arrival and exit of the guests which are largely instrumental pieces and all of which are very well performed.

Within each section, each guest at the dinner party has a song written about them and these tracks do a good job of describing their individuals foibles, traits or annoyances – be they the 'Forgotten Face' who seems to be familiar but isn't quite, 'Quagmire' (presumably named after a character in the TV show 'Family Guy') who thinks himself as a bit of a womaniser and the 'High Maintenance Girlfriend', who, I'm sure, doesn't need much explanation at all.

vantage point

The characters within the songs are all well rounded but stop short of giving you too much detail so that you can still use your imagination.

All tracks were written and conceived by front man Murray Graham which plays to its strength as a piece, because he's obviously had a very definite idea of how he wanted the album to look as well as sound, and was able to plan the whole thing out before presenting the framework to the band.

As a concept, it does work and there is clearly scope here to expand on each individual or do a follow up where we find out what happens to them after the dinner dance has finished. Similarly, and importantly some would say, most of the tracks can be listened to in isolation away from the main album, so these tracks can be played live without confusing those parts of the audience unfamiliar with the piece as a whole.

Musically, Vantage Point clearly take their influence from the likes of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, especially with their twin guitar sound courtesy of Liam Kane and Derek Mitchell, and the solid bass lines from Graham gel the songs together.

Grahams' vocals too are very strong and he does very well, even in some of the more wordy songs that would have some vocalists struggling with the lines. Overall, though, it it's a solid piece of work from a band who obviously relished writing and performing the piece, and it's a real pleasure to listen too as well.

You can catch Vantage Point live here:
Friday 28th November – The Counting House, Edinburgh
Sunday 21st December – Beat Generator Live, Dundee

'Demonic Dinner Dance' Track List:
The Big Welcome
Demonic Dinner Dance
Seating Plan I
Head Of The Table
Camp David
Conversation Stopper
Seating Plan II
Forgotten Face
Last Word Freak
High Maintenance Girlfriend
Seating Plan III
Reverse The Charges
This Is Now An Exit
Demonic Overture

Vantage Point are:
Murray Graham - Vocals/Bass Guitar
Liam Kane – Lead Guitar
Derek Mitchell - Rhythm Guitar
Dave Cumming – Drums

Vantage Point Online:
Official Website:

Vantage Point photograph - (c) Waysted Photography 2014

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