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'The World I Found'

Johnny Main

johnny main

a vulgar picture

Describing themselves as a "Thrash/Death Metal band from Swansea, South Wales" this quartet hadn't been on my radar at all until a mutual friend pointed me in their direction. 'The World I Found' is their first full-length album, comprising of ten tracks which have a combined running time of just under fifty minutes.

Kicking off with 'Statement Of Intent' is no fluke (I'm guessing) because it acts as a kind of intro for what is to come which fits in nicely with the songs title, and it has to be said that is really is a great way to start the album. The album as a whole is very well produced with the overall mix not favoring any specific instruments but giving a good solid sound to the whole record, making the band sound as heavy as they possibly could be.

'Bound To Destruction' has a great instrumental intro, running to around twenty seconds before the track properly starts and from then on, it seems like it's a frantic run to the end. Drummer Richie Kidder sets the blistering pace as he knocks out the beat on what sounds like a double bass drum set up, while the relentless guitar riff cuts like a knife through the track.

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'Dead To The World' is the longest number here, coming in at just over seven and a half minutes, but it never seems to outstay its welcome. The track has a different feel to it with some effects added to front man Arran Mitchells voice, making some of the lyrics (very) occasionally difficult to understand but doesn't detract from the song overall.

I'm not sure what effect they were going for, but the description that suits best would be 'alien' or 'android'. Still, it makes interesting listening and towards the end of the track, an acoustic guitar is unexpectedly added to the mix which breaks up the relentless Metal riffing throughout the song. It's a somewhat strange addition to the track, if I'm being honest, but then again it just adds another layer of musicality to the track and it certainly doesn't take anything away from the track.

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'Assassinate' is a ferocious number which has Mitchell really stretching his voice as he screams out the vocal lines. At the midpoint, Kidder shines through with some well played drum fills before being joined by the guitar riff, which is pushed back in the mix during the short instrumental section.

Kidder really is a prodigious talent who showcases his powerful drumming style once again on 'Unbowed' with the relentless snap of the snare drum throughout the number. A slower tempo number than some at the beginning it may be, but it's not long before the pace picks up towards the mid-section.

My favourite track on the album is, without a doubt, 'Dirty Water' with its killer guitar riff leading the way whilst Mitchell puts in his most death Metal-like vocal performance of the album. There's no let up for Kidders' snare drum either, which is attacked ferociously once again as the main riff relentlessly drives the track onwards.

Towards the end of the song there is a slower, heavier and moodier refrain which again has effects added to Mitchells voice giving a counterbalance to the preceding heaviness of the number, making this a real highlight for me. All in all though, there's a lot to like on this album.

'The World I Found' Track List:
Statement of Intent
Bound to Destruction
You've Got It Made
Dead To The World
One Magpie
Dirty Water
The World I Found

A Vulgar Picture are:
Arran Mitchell – Vocals/Guitars
Brenden Healey – Guitars
James Langstone – Bass Guitar
Richie Kidder – Drums

A Vulgar Picture Online:

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