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'You Are In Error'

Johnny Main

johnny main


Glaswegian four piece Centrilia are a band that I first encountered at Hordes of Belial V held in Dundee back in October (my review of their set can be found here) and I was very impressed by their live performance unaware that they had this five track EP already in circulation.

Released independently in November 2013, the album comes in deluxe packaging (a metal tin) showing that everything this band do is of high quality which includes, most importantly, the songs.

'The Truth Will Burn The Ivory Towers' sets off the EP at a blistering pace. There's no doubting vocalist Gavin Marshall vocal abilities here as he puts in a remarkable performance. You can just imagine him pacing up and down the studio psyching himself up for this extraordinary performance.

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His vocal style is aggressive but not to the detriment of the lyrics with his voice being a good counterpoint to the solid musical backing from the rest of the band as the relentless rhythm guitar track and drums lay out a solid foundation for the vocals to rest on. Certainly a high octane start to the EP, and by all accounts, a good indicator of what the band are trying to achieve.

Title track 'You Are In Error' has Marshall letting out an almighty growl as the pace of the song settles in after the intro. A slower paced number that the previous track, but there's no let up in the fury unleashed by the band. Guitarist David Sandford's killer riff is really the backbone of this song and apart from some embellishments in the middle section, it very much drives the song forwards.


Likewise, drummer Andy Brown puts in a sterling performance here. This is a slightly less lyrical song that some of the others, no doubt to give Marshall breathing space between the longer vocal notes should the band play this song live, but the band are solid enough as a unit that any extended instrumental sections doesn't mean that the song's actually missing anything musically.

'Eyes Of Fidelity' has a majestic start with a simple guitar and drums combination. Brown pounds out a military style beat in between some inventive cymbal fills as the guitar sound builds and builds before the vocals and bass kick in. Not the fastest song on the EP by any stretch of the imagination but it shows that the band are about more than simply thrashing out songs.

The steady pace gives Marshall another chance to put forward an excellent vocal here, with his deep growly voice coming across well in between bouts of more tuneful singing showing his versatility as a vocalist.


'Devour - The Pain Mechanism' is another fast one with Sandfords guitar at the fore of the mix from the intro to the very last note. It's his guitar that dictates the tempo here and you get the feeling that Brown and bass player Gareth Ellis are frantically trying to keep the pace throughout the song. Brown especially shines here as he shows his skills as a drummer thrashing out the complicated beat.

'233 Reasons' is the longest track here, coming in at around six minutes, and for me it's clearly a case of leaving the best till last. The subtle backing vocals here are in direct comparison to the more aggressive vocal style adopted by Marshall and these vocal sections are punctuated by the guitar riff which takes centre stage.

It's a fast and frantic number which ends abruptly about two thirds of the way through when a lyrical piano, over which is played some news reports about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in December 2012 which ends the album on a somewhat down beat note but then again the song deals with the issue of gun control (especially in the US and Canada) and the fact that Governments need to keep tighter control over who owns and has access to guns.

Even though it brings the EP to a close on a downbeat song, the track itself is never morose or depressing but simply gives the listener something to think about in this throwaway society that we all live in these days.

'You Are In Error' Track List:
The Truth Will Burn The Ivory Towers
You Are In Error
Eyes Of Fidelity
Devour - The Pain Mechanism
233 Reasons

Centrilia are:
Gavin Marshall – Vocals
David Sandford – Guitar
Gareth Ellis – Bass Guitar
Andy Brown – Drums

Centrilia Online:
Official Website:

Centrilia group photo - (c) Andrew Cawley 2014 (

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