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'All I Want For Christmas...'

Johnny Main

johnny main

heavy smoke

It used to be a popular practicE for bands to release a Christmas single but nowadays the practice is much less widespread, so thank goodness for Heavy Smoke'S attempt to keep up with the tradition with what is, let's face it, not exactly your typical Christmas song.

The bouncy tempo and clear vocal sound belies the subject matter, giving it an almost comical effect. Let's face it though, this isn't exactly the first drugs related song to be written, or did you think Black Sabbath wrote 'Sweet Leaf' about drinking tea while 'Snowblind' was about actually being caught in a blizzard?

To be fair to Heavy Smoke, though, all the elements of the traditional Christmas song are here to be checked off. From the intro (a perfectly performed snippet of Prokofiev's 'Troika') to copious amounts of jingle bells, a catchy chorus and the ubiquitous choir of (almost) heavenly voices - before they descend into fits of laughter. All good fun really, on a subject that's clearly close to the bands heart.

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If their Christmas track doesn't grab your fancy, there's always 'Placenta Overdrive' which has also recently been made available. It's a much darker track though, but not unduly heavy. Drummer Craig Frame sets off the tempo and the guitar riff courtesy of Grant Stab takes it up a notch. As with their Christmas song, vocalist Stevie Smith puts in a great performance with some effects added to his voice giving a slightly different feel.

The subject matter isn't the happiest, of course, but the band still manages to pull out a good solid performance, and it's obvious that this band do have a good talent pool to draw from, and I look forward to hearing more from them in due course.

heavy smoke

You can see the official video for 'All I Want For Christmas...' here:

'All I Want For Christmas...' Track List:
All I Want For Christmas Is Loads of Drugs
Placenta Overdrive

Heavy Smoke are:
Stevie Boy Smith Jr. II - Vocals
Grant Stab - Guitar
Majid Batagva - Bass Guitar
Craig Frame - Drums

Heavy Smoke Online:
Official Website:

Heavy Smoke group photo - (c) Kevin Dalziel 2014 (

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