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'Rise Of The Departed'
(Devilhorn Recordings)

Johnny Main

johnny main


North West of England based quartet Derision have recently released their new EP, the seven track 'Rise Of The Departed'.

The band have been blazing a trail over all parts of the UK in recent years with help from appearances at Metal Massacre and Bloodstock events, helping to build their fan base. The band describe themselves as a Metal band, so if you're a fan of classic Metal bands then this EP could be right up your street.

The short intro of 'Endemic' which features the sound of howling winds and some very subtle but well played acoustic guitar which I originally though was an intro to 'Ignorance Is Your Downfall' but the quick fade out makes me wonder if this is the bands new intro music for their live gigs. Either way, it's a great track and deserves its place here.

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'Ignorance Is Your Downfall' itself has drummer Aaron James Youd (who sadly has now departed the band) leading the way with a solid though slightly tinny drum beat before the relentless guitar riff from Eddie White joins in to make quite a solid track.

Frontman Tony Smith does a good job vocally and the track rattles along at a fair pace with White coming to prominence in the middle section with a great guitar solo before the main guitar riff kicks back in once again. White is afforded a second guitar solo towards the end but it quickly fades back into the main riff. At nearly seven minutes, it's too easy to describe the song as an epic, but it's certainly a good showcase for the band.

'Predation' is an altogether different beast. Smith's vocal track is much more to the fore here and certainly comes across as a much more aggressive performance, which plays to his strength as he comes across really well here. When Smith sings 'Hunter becomes the hunted, existed to survive" you really hear the passion in his voice.


Youds' uncompromising drum beat is also much stronger as he ruthlessly attacks the drum kit. His drum fills are very fluid and he makes great use of his cymbals especially well when he's not holding down the solid back beat. Whites' guitar solo appears fairly late in the track and is short but well played. Just as the solo settles down it again merges into the main guitar riff as James once again picks up the pace with the back beat. Certainly a contender for my favourite sing on the EP, this track has made it's way onto my December 2014 play list.

'Cry Fallen Man' is another showcase for Youd whilst Smiths vocals are once again pushed to the back of the mix. The mid section here is markedly slower than what has gone before but it's still without question a great track. The long instrumental section in the middle gives the band a chance to expand their sound without compromising on the vocal passages. It's not long before the main guitar riff punches back in and White plays a great solo as he ascends and ascends the scales.

The title track is another full scale assault and listening to it, you understand why the band have chosen this as the title of the EP. Smith's aggressive vocals return to the frontline. Bass player Ian McCormack finally gets his moment in the spotlight midway through and the bass and drums hold steady as they build up the anticipation for the guitar solo from White.

As James solidly throws out the beat, White brings out what is without a doubt his best of the EP. Lasting over a minutes, it pushes White to centre stage with his solo going from carefully crafted notes to a flurry of wailing guitar sounds - an exceptional solo and one which really is the icing on the cake for this track.

'The Void Inside' is another fast paced track with Smiths vocals pushed to the fore once again. His delivery is slightly unusual compared to some of the other tracks and it doesn't sit with me as well as some of the others. It's almost like he's struggling slightly with either the tempo or the words themselves. Don't get me wrong, it's not a poor performance by any means, it just sounds a little strange when sitting alongside the rest of the tracks.

The longest track on the EP by some margin (it comes in at just over seven and a half minutes) it has James beating his drums with metronomic precision and he comes across really well during the extended instrumental section. The song fades straight into the final number, 'Dissolution' that really brings the EP full circle with the howling winds and acoustic guitar.

This is the first I've heard from Derision and I'm please to find that this is everything I was looking for from the band. Although they don't have any gigs currently planned, they are certainly on my list of bands to see should they tour later in 2015.

'Rise Of The Departed' Track List:
Endemic (Intro)
Ignorance Is Your Downfall
Cry Fallen Man
Rise Of The Departed
The Void Inside
Dissolution (Outro)

Derision are:
Tony Smith - Vocals
Eddie White - Guitars
Ian McCormack - Bass Guitar
Aaron James Youd - Drums

Derision Online:

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