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O2 ABC, Glasgow
Thursday 11th December 2014

Johnny Main

johnny main

western sand

It was a brisk evening in Glasgow as I passed the queue shivering outside the main entrance and headed straight into the venue and it wasn't really much warmer to be honest. Even though it was an early gig due to a club night at the venue later on, there was a crowd of several hundred present as Western Sands allotted stage time of 7:00pm approached.

As the band sauntered onstage the audience gave the band a warm welcome for what was their first ever gig in Glasgow. Hot on the heels of a successful appearance at Hard Rock Hell in November, the band were gifted the chance to appear with Michael Schenker on his Temple of Rock UK tour on what was sure to be a sell out at every venue.

The lights dimmed and the familiar voice of Clint Eastwood as Inspector Harry Callahan from the 1971 movie Dirty Harry as he gives the famous "You've got to ask yourself one question..." speech before the band get their forty minute set underway with their new single, 'Dark Horse'.

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The band have a good, solid sound from the get-go except for Jimmy Bradshaw whose guitar solo is lost somewhere in the mix. Drummer Nathan Kay works away at the back thrashing out the beat while he's slowly but surely enveloped in a veil of dry ice.

'Doin' Me Wrong' had a small pocket of head bangers down the front as front man Tyler Hains tries his best to enthuse the crowd before he throws out a great solo. 'Black Water Resolution' had Bradshaws sound issues fixed as he lead the way. Hains had a short solo as the song reaches the chorus but it's Kay who steals the limelight again with a short but expressive drum fill.

western sand

By the time the band get half way through their set with 'Broken Bones', the crowd had doubled in size and these newcomers are treated to some of the bands best work. It's a particularly dark and moody number with Bradshaw coming into his own here as Hains gives the best vocal performance of the set before he unleashes an accomplished solo. The crowd seems to agree too as they give it a loud ovation at its conclusion.

The band treat the audience to 'Cut You Down To Size', the title track of the bands new EP, which raises the tempo back up and has bass player Findlay Hotchkiss coming across loud and clear as he head bangs his way through the number before 'Welcome To The Badlands' with its meaty guitar riff, as the audience are ready to make some noise when asked by Hains to indulge in a little bit of audience participation.

western sand

'Nothing To Lose' has Hains leading the intro before the band unleash the fastest number of their set. Hains and Bradshaw demonstrate some excellent twin guitar work as the rhythm section of Kay and Hotchkiss hold things together at the back. It's a great end to a great set and is clear by the noise from the audience that the band have made some new fans in Glasgow so let's hope they return to the city sooner rather than later.

Look out for an interview with Western Sand on MetalTalk soon!

Western Sand Set List:
Dark Horse
Doin' Me Wrong
Black Water Resolution
Broken Bones
Cut You Down To Size
Welcome To The Badlands
Nothing To Lose

Western Sand are:
Tyler Hains – Vocals/Guitar
Jimmy Bradshaw – Guitar
Findlay Hotchkiss – Bass Guitar
Nathan Kay – Drums

Western Sand Online:

Western Sand photos (c) Thomas Bisset Photography 2014

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