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Pivo Pivo, Glasgow Saturday 31st March 2012

Johnny Main, Pictures by Carlan Braid

johnny main

As part of promotion for their debut EP, ('You Want It All' – available now), Guildford rockers Sons Of Icarus are currently in the midst of a six date promotional tour of Scotland under The Scottish Rock Collective banner, and I caught up with them at their show in Glasgow's Pivo Pivo.

sons of icarus

First band up on the four-band bill were alt-rockers Placid Trip who made a good job of things. They have a charismatic singer/bass player with Alasdair Begg and amongst the tracks aired tonight it was 'Battle Of Masterjuice' that got the crowd moving the most.

Next up was Momentus who had a solid start with 'Wheel Of Fortune' which featured some solid drumming from Andrew WS and a solid guitar sound from David Sharpe who also produced some great guitar solos too. They made a very credible stab at Ronnie James Dio's 'Holy Diver', despite singer Michael Butler's assertion that "...this could all go horribly wrong!"

The main support tonight came in the very capable hands of Sound Over Silence. From the word go, this was a very good performance. Singer Matt Quigley (looking not unlike a young Cronos of Venom fame) has a great voice whilst drummer Adam Lochery gave his drum kit a good pounding on 'Only One' which also featured a guest vocalist in the shape of ex-lead singer Euan Walker (who then proceeded to sing the next two songs!). 'Society' is one of their more straightforward rock songs but this got a favourable reaction from the assembled crowd.

sons of icarus

So to tonight's headline act – Sons Of Icarus. A superbly tight outfit with boundless energy and some solid rockin' tunes to match. Lead singer Andy Masson sets his stall out early with some terrific vocals whilst lead guitarist Steve Balkwill gives his well-worn Strat a good workout.

They aired a 'possible' new single tonight with 'Find Your Way' with it's almost Rush-like quality (albeit with any keyboard embellishment) and this gets the crowd moving. There's solid back-up from Alex Masson on bass and drummer Mike McQuillan proves that he can hold the rock steady beat all night – whilst even having time to embellish his playing buy playing around with his drumsticks without losing a single beat.

sons of icarus

Another potential single, 'Please Don't Go' comes over well with its solid, heavy groove with McQuillan punishing his drums underneath Andy Masson's somewhat screamy vocals. Another track, 'Higher', is dedicated to Andy Masson's mother but not before he apologised to her for the bad language in his onstage banter! 'Higher' itself is noteworthy for a cracking guitar solo from Balkwill.

'Make Amends' (a self-proclaimed favourite of Andy Masson) gets the crowd energised once again, as well as the dandruff flying as the band settle into their groove which is as solid as anything that American counterparts Black Stone Cherry can produce. This was an excellent set as the band wrapped up their evening in front of a very appreciative audience.

sons of icarus

At the end of the day, if the band are having this much fun on a small stage like the one tonight, then it's certain that their enthusiasm and their great tunes will easily transfer to a bigger stage, and it must only be a matter of time until the band break into the big league.

They still have a few remaining dates on this small promotional tour, so catch them if you can at:

Thursday 5th April – The Tunnels, Aberdeen
Friday 6th April – The Twa' Tams, Perth

sons of icarus

Band Members:
Andy Masson – Vocals and Guitar
Steve Balkwill – Guitar
Alex Masson – Bass and Backing Vocals
Mike ‘Quilly' Mcquillan – Drums



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