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Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, 23rd May 2012

Johnny Main

johnny main

def con one

What do you get if you cross Vampires and German World War II soldiers? It can only be Stuka Squadron of course, a new breed of band on the block and on a mission to rule the world, whilst drinking blood in the process.

This Glasgow show was part of a trio of warm up shows ahead of their appearance at the Metal Gods Festival in Mansfield on Saturday 26th May, and it was a great performance from the quintet on their first 'Caledonian Mission'.

The title track of their debut album (out now on Metalbox Recordings and reviewed by Metal Talk's very own John Oakley here kicked things off in fine fashion before diving straight into the song 'Stuka Squadron' which had vocalist Duke Fang Begley (complete with stage props including a whip, sword and a book complete with baphomet pentagram on the cover at various times during the evening) ruling the stage with an 'Iron Will', easily managing to energise the assembled crowd.

Tonight was their chance to preview a song, 'Desert Fox', which will feature on the band's yet to be completed second album – a song which seamlessly slotted in with their existing material.

Another track 'On The Volga Bridge' has something of early Iron Maiden about it with its varying tempos and the Squadron manage to make this into one of the highlights of the night including a blistering guitar solo from Gravedigger Cox.

'We Drink Blood' (arguably their most well known track) brings the audience together as one on the chorus and the band receive a well deserved round of applause for it.

The band continue their assault with 'Tiger 1' before they play what is one of the band's favorite songs in the current set – 'Zabulon's Inferno'. This had Begley inciting the crowd to chant "burn, burn, burn" before the band give their instruments a pummeling in one last hurrah to end their regular set.

With the band bidding farewell, a chant of "one mair tune" rings out across the hall and the band are persuaded to return to the stage for an encore of 'Lovecraft' and with one final farewell, it's all over.

This may have been their first mission north of the border, but when the band returns (and I'm sure they will), we can expect a lot more blood thirsty Metal madness from them because at the end of the day, underneath all the greasepaint and fangs is a genuinely talented and entertaining rock band.

I raise a pint (of blood) in their honour! Cheers!

Set List:
Tales Of The OST
Stuka Squadron
Desert Fox
On The Volga Bridge
We Drink Blood
One Eyed God King
Tiger 1
Zabulon's Inferno

Duke Fang Begley – Vocals
Gravedigger Cox – Guitars
Doktor Suicide – Guitars
Lord Graham Pyre – Bass
Baron Von Hammerstein – Drums



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