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'Payments Made In Madness'

Johnny Main

johnny main

snakeskyn whiskey payments made in madness

Montreal based rock and sleaze band Snakeskyn Whiskey are currently unsigned but they've recently released their debut album on Youtube as well as making it available to download from iTunes, and this is one band who look like they have a bright future ahead.

What the band have managed to do, is to produce ten solid slabs of hard rockkin music, and there's certainly more rock than sleaze in this band's repertoire. There are some good solid tracks on the album and this is exemplified by the track 'Under The Knife'. It has a nice intro which blends into a solid guitar riff and solid drums producing a nicely mid-paced track. Sure the vocals may be slightly further down the mix that you'd expect, but this is a small issue in an otherwise great opening track from the band.

With 'Day To Remember' vocalist Matt Dibi gets a good vocal workout, reaching some high notes that a lot of today's rock singers would struggle to reach, and the track is further enhanced by a fairly technical guitar solo coming out of almost nowhere, but certainly becoming one of the high points on the track.

'All The Angels Die' has a majestic opening which breaks into a fast bouncy little track which makes it an ideal opener for live shows. It also has a great guitar riff which wouldn't look out of place in an Iron Maiden album – a truly fantastic track!

'If I Called You Up Tonight' is one of the simpler songs on the album, but even this has a good solid pace, which shows that drummer Tommy Tarantilis is more than capable of holding the rock steady beat all night long. 'Children Of Pain' is another solidly mid-paced track which features another great guitar solo from Justyn Vynn.

'Crazy Girl' has a very Motley Crue sound to it, and that's no disservice to Snakeskyn Whiskey. It's a good fast number with Matt Dibi giving another strong vocal performance whilst his brother, Jordan, keeps a solid bass rhythm driving the song. This is certainly one of the standout tracks on the album and I'm sure it could be a popular addition to the live set as it lends itself to a bit of audience participation.

All in all, a good solid debut album, and with the band promising the release of another new track in June, this is certainly something to look forward to.

The full album is available from the bands Youtube site by clicking here...

In The Night
Crazy Girl
Children Of Pain
The Wicked
If I Called You Up Tonight
All The Angels Die
Cold Night Fight
Day To Remember
Too Far To Stop
Under The Knife

Band Members:
Matt Dibi – Vocals, Guitar
Justyn Vynn – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jordan Dibi – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tommy Tarantilis – Drums



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