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If you were a rock music fan in the early 1980s, then Scottish rockers Heavy Pettin are probably a band that looms large in your memory cells. Hailing from Glasgow, the band released two highly acclaimed albums "Lettin' Loose" (1983) and "Rock Ain't Dead" (1985), the latter of which was produced by Queen guitar legend Brian May. They also had a number of high profile support tours with established acts like Ozzy Osbourne and KISS, which helped set the band on the road to stardom.

As happens, however, the band didn't quite reach the heights they had hoped for and eventually split up - shortly after coming a credible sixth in the UK's "A Song for Europe 1987" competition. Drummer, Gary Moat, however, just couldn't give up music and has recently returned to the music scene with a new band, Mothers Ruin. I caught up with Gary for a chat to reminisce about the old Heavy Pettin days, the current state of the music industry in general and of course, get the lowdown on Mothers Ruin.

Firstly I asked Gary about the post Heavy Pettin days and why it's taken so long for him to get a new band together. "I actually stopped playing back in 1992/93", he explained, "in the days before that, the record companies were throwing money at you so you could play, record, pretty much whatever you wanted to, but then they stopped doing that and now, the money just isn't there anymore. Everyone wants you to play everywhere for free, but you have to ask yourself how can a band manage to survive like this? The simple answer is that they don't – they just end up getting disillusioned with the music industry and split up"

On a happier note, I ask about some of his favourite moments from the Heavy Pettin years. "There were lots of great memories but things like seeing our album in the Kerrang! magazine Top 10 was very cool. We toured with Ozzy on his 'Bark at the Moon' tour in 1983 and that was just mental! All in all, though, lots of great memories from those days".

I steer the conversation towards his new band, Milton Keynes based Mothers Ruin which features Garry on vocals and rhythm guitar for a change. Gary explains that the band have been together since 2011, and are very much in the classic rock genre, as he notes "I can only speak for myself here, but AC/DC's Bon Scott is a big influence, but we (the band) all love most classic rock music!" He also notes that what he's trying to achieve with the band is very straightforward, "just to be known for being a good British rock band with some cool tunes!" Not much to ask for really, but it's something the band are already well on their way to doing thanks in part to their growing fan base.

The band have already played a number of well received live shows in Scotland, England and at Hard Rock Hell – The Road Trip in Ibiza last year (in fact, I reviewed the bands live show at Glasgow's Ivory Blacks back in November last year for Metal Talk, which can be read here: With some shows already booked for later this year, they are also firming up plans for other live shows by talking to various promoters at the moment. Gary also explains that they would love to have a release out this year too, although it's still very much in the planning stages. As he explains "What's a record company these days anyway?" – a statement which could possibly be a hint towards a self-released album or EP in the future, as opposed to signing a record contract? Only time will tell, I guess.

gary moat

Talking of the Glasgow show in particular, Gary dangled a carrot by mentioning, "we filmed the gig at Ivory Blacks, and it came out really great so we may put that out as a DVD – we shall see!" Certainly that's something I am looking forward to, especially having seen their live show first hand. Gary is quite straightforward about what someone coming to one of their live shows should expect. "What you get is a good solid band playing melodic sing-along songs! We don't do blood and gore – we just do good time rock that`ll do for me!" You can't argue with those sentiments really and I for one am looking forward to seeing and hearing more from the band in the near future.

You can catch Mothers Ruin here:
26th October – The Gathering Rock Pub, Sutton Bridge

Mothers Ruin are:
Garry Moat – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Adrian Dunn – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Joe Thomas – Bass/Backing Vocals
Mick Ivory – Drums


Thanks to Gary for taking the time out to chat to me.


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