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tacit fury

In the third of a series of exclusive MetalTalk interviews with bands from the Russian Federation, we talk to the death Metal trio Tacit Fury on the Metal music scene in Moscow, the history of the band themselves, and what their plans are for 2013.

The story of Tacit Fury is a long and complicated one, but as the band explained to me, it was founded in 2001 when vocalist and guitarist Dimitry 'Enoth' got together a group of musicians in Volograd (previously known as Stalingrad). The band released two albums with this line up in the intervening years, 'Imaginary Sufferings' and 'The Invented Pain' and continued until 2007 when Enoth decided to disband the group and moved to Moscow, with all band activities culminating in a farewell concert.

Whilst in Moscow, Enoth explains that he "played with a number of other bands until late in 2010", when he decided to revive the Tacit Fury name and set about scouring the local area in Moscow for like-minded musicians. After an extensive search, Enoth settled on bass player German, and drummer Imidazo to complete the new line up whilst still retaining the old name.

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With the new line up settled, Enoth explains that "the band began making music and writing songs based on (our) personal experiences of past few years of playing Metal." The new songs were very much influenced by bands like Lamb Of God, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Soulfly, Dying Fetus and Vader. As Enoth himself notes, "That is one hell of a mix, eh?"

With regards to the subject of the band's lyrical content, Enoth is quite forthright that the "All the lyrics were written by Imidazo and the prevalent theme is mental disorders and issues in society. It's a subject that is close to us all and we think a lot of other people too."

tacit fury

In late spring 2012, Tacit Fury finished the recording of their debut album 'Horrors From Depth' (recorded by Alexander Kondratyev of Gigant Records in Moscow and was produced, mixed and mastered by Brian Elliott of Mana Recording Studios, Florida, USA) and Enoth is happy to confirm that the album is currently available on various websites as a free download and, certainly for the tracks I have heard, the album is well worth tracking down.

Shifting focus away from the band for a moment, I asked them what the local Rock and Metal scene is like in Moscow? "Well", I'm told, "Moscow is definitely not the best place to start a Netal band!"

They qualify that statement by adding that "...because there is so much competition, I mean there are several thousand bands of which most are of very poor quality and musical talent, and there can be up to ten Metal concerts in one single day in Moscow, not to mention for other styles of music too, and as far as the Metal bands are concerned, the fans simply don't know who to chose to go and see! They are more likely to sit at home and spend time on social networking sites than go to concerts!"

tacit fury

"Don't get us wrong", they continue, "this is not just a current issue, but it's the older Metal bands who are being most overlooked by the Moscow Metallers who wrongly believe that in Russia it will never be cool to be a Metalhead! Apparently, it is a relic of the old 'Iron Curtain' and we just hate this. Metal is not particularly popular (in Russia), and the support that bands get from the media is very small, but Tacit Fury will not give up and we will continue to record and play and turn our attention towards the Metal fans outside Russia to increase our fan base."

Fighting talk from the band indeed, and you can't help but admire their determination to make the band succeed.

I move the conversation back to the band and ask what their plans are for 2013? "Well, we have a lot of gigs planned all over Russia," is the short answer I get and when asked for more details, Enoth clarifies "the first half of the year we have no concerts planned as we're preparing for the tour, but it's not a full tour, just trips to other cities, you know. In Russia", he explains, "it is very difficult to do the tours, because the distance between the major cities is so great (sometimes the journey length is bigger than travelling across the whole of France), but this year we will play at two large festivals – the Metal Crowd Festival (at Rechitsa, Belarus) and the Metal Heads Mission, which is held in the Ukraine."

"Of course, to play at festivals such as Wacken in Germany or Bloodstock in the UK would be a dream come true for us, but we hope that one day – we will be able to play at these festivals and many more like them."

tacit fury

On the subject of planned releases for later in 2013, Enoth also confirms that they are still trying to decide which studio and producer they want for the recording of their new album. "At the moment, more than half of the album is ready but all the information is Top Secret! What we can say is that the new album will be much heavier and more brutal, but we're looking to release it towards the end of 2013."

Bringing the interview to a close, I ask the band for their heroes or idols, and it's clear the band are just having a laugh by Enoth naming Batman ("He's real badass and has tons of awesome gadgets! I adore it!") whilst German chooses "Octopus. His head and hands are growing out of his ass!" whereas Imidazo is not much more serious and says quite matter of factly that he "has no heroes; I am self-sufficient sad shit" with a subtle grin on his face.

I leave the band with one final question then – to name some of their favourite tracks of all time, and it comes as no surprise that these tracks cover a wide spectrum of rock and metal bands from Slayer's classic 'Angel Of Death' straight past Sepultura's early Thrash classic 'Beneath The Remains' though to Rainbow's 'I Surrender' and ending up at the Pink Floyd classic 'Comfortably Numb', it's clear that Tacit Fury take on board all these influences and the output is their own unique sound.

You can watch the official video for 'Streets Of Rage' here:

Tacit Fury are:
Dimitry 'Enoth' – Guitar/Vocals
Alexey 'German' – Bass Guitar
Alexander 'Imidazo' – Drums

Tacit Fury Online:
Official Website:
v Thanks to Tacit Fury for taking time out to participate in this interview.

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