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'Panem Et Circenses"
(Self Released)

Johnny Main

johnny main

we are the catalyst

Formed in late 2012, We Are The Calalyst are a Swedish rock act (or should that be "duo"), who stretch the boundaries of the rock music genre by incorporating a variety of musical effects and solid rhythms together to produce a quite unique sound that really does offer something new.

The band's debut release is a five track EP called 'Panem Et Circenses' which is currently available as a digital release through websites like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, and at a little over twenty minutes long, is actually a rather enjoyable release.

The EP contains the band's first ever single, the frantic 'Beware Of Snakes' (originally released in November 2012) and their second single was the rap/dance inspired 'This Is Paranoia' (released in December 2012) alongside three brand new tracks.

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I'll let you discover the magic of the release itself, but suffice to say that two of my favourite songs from the EP are 'Sad Reality' which proves without a doubt what a great voice Feymark has. With its soft phrasing and melancholic piano underlying the whole song, this is certainly a highlight of the EP, and I see no reason why this shouldn't get some airplay alongside tracks from established acts like Paramore, Enter Shikari and 30 Seconds To Mars.

An honourable mention should also go to 'Tomorrow' which closes the disc. Another fine example of Feymark's singing voice set against an almost regimented military beat from Boufadene before the guitar hook really kicks in.

This may be the first proper release from the band, but I for one am looking forward to hearing what they are going to produce in the future, and will a full album slated for release in early 2014, they can use the blocks built for this EP to produce a solid album that cannot fail to impress.

we are the catalyst

This is Paranoia
Sad Reality
Being Number One
Beware of Snakes

Band Members:
Catrin Feymark – Vocals
Kenny Boufadene – Guitars/Bass/Backing Vocals

Official Website:

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