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'Skrap Metal Volume II'
(Boonsdale Records)

Johnny Main

johnny main

final trigger

Final Trigger are a Toronto-based four piece and innovators of the 'Skrap Metal' genre. What is this new genre of music I hear you ask? Well, the best way that I can describe it, is to liken it to a mix of Metal guitars and vocals, Hip-Hop beats and some very funky bass guitar.

Intrigued? I was certainly curious to see how they would sound and was pleasantly surprised by the output of this three way musical fusion. Sure, this may sound like a bit of a car-crash to some of you, but if you like your music to be a bit more experimental, then this is one band that I highly recommend.

Broken down into their component parts, Final Trigger consist of J-Roc who provides the main guitar-driven structures and the screaming vocals whilst bass player Fazio backs this up in his own unique way, throwing out funky bass lines and in turn creating a solid background over which are laid the drums provided by J.J. Tartaglia.

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Bringing up the rear, and fulfilling the DJ role, is Metal D who helps the band achieve their unique sound. Not many rock bands can boast a DJ, and it's the fact that Final Trigger have one helps to give this particular band their identity and their unique sound.

What this quartet does, is to very successfully marry three different elements of music into one sound to create a fusion of high-energy Metal songs with a hip-hop feel in the background. Having shared stages with Suicidal Tendencies, Marilyn Manson, Dillinger Escape Plan and Protest The Hero amongst others, the band bring their unique sound and anthemic choruses right up to date with a second volume of tunes which follows on from their critically acclaimed 2009 debut album, called simply 'Skrap Metal'.

With this second album, the band have produced an album that whilst once again deviating in structure quite significantly from standard rock fare, they manage to produce a highly listenable album, without the listener actually having to struggle to keep up with vocal lines or rhythms.

final trigger

Take for example, the song 'Everyday' - the song starts off with a simple piano melody, before the almost simplistic drums and bass join in. Add to this a tuneful guitar courtesy of J-Roc, which weaves its way through the track along with the vocals clear and sunbg with eloquence, before the heavier portion of the track kicks in for a short burst with heavy guitar and stronger vocal inflections before the song reverts back to how it began, creating an interesting experiment in merging different genres – a trick that this album pulls off time and again.

Also worthy of a mention is 'Time I've Wasted' – it starts off as a bit of an oddity, to be honest, with an extended intro that seems to be more of an unrehearsed jam between guitar and drums with a bit of DJ scratching added in before out of nowhere comes a strong guitar riff before the J-Roc's vocals well and truly burst out of the speakers.

The track does have a rather mellow middle section which is in contrast to the downbeat and serious subject matter, but this extraordinary mix all combines to make this one of my favourite tracks on the album.

You can watch the official video for 'Face It' here:

Face It
Through The Darkness
Knock Somebody Out
Just A Freak
Time I've Wasted

Band Members:
J-Roc – Vocals/Guitars
Fazio – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Metal D – DJ/Vocals
J.J. Tartaglia – Drums


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