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'At First Light'
(Hostile Media)
Release Date: Wednesday 7th August 2013

Johnny Main

johnny main


Arceye are a thrash/death Metal band from Shrewsbury, who have been around since 2004, quietly but steadily building up their fan base and taking their music to ever larger audiences with the help of an appearance at Bloodstock on 2010 before embarking on a their 2011 UK tour.

They have also released the 'As The Ground Consumes You' EP in 2007 to acclaim, which was then followed by their debut album, 'The Divide Between Chaos And Order' in 2009 – so if you're a fan of bands at the heavier end of the Metal genre, then this is one band who are well worth checking out.

'At First Light' was recorded in a portable studio set up in the bands rehearsal space, making the process of recording the album somewhat easier for the band as a whole. What this album is, though, is sixty odd minutes of a sonically great music. Craig Mackay's drum sound is just so solid sounding all the way through whist the guitar riff and vocals just sound so clear and crisp – this style of recording obviously suits the bands style, so maybe they should consider this to be the template to recording in the future.

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'I Silently Wait' was the first track released from the album at the end of June when they unleashed the lyric video for the track. For those who maybe haven't heard the band's music before, this track is a good starting point, as it contains a heady mix of solid guitar riffs, flat to the floor drumming and some triumphantly evil sounding vocals.

In the song itself, there is some really great lyrical (almost acoustic) sounding guitar sound from Dave Roberts which really counterpoints the heavier guitar parts, whilst also giving a break to the ferocious nature of the song. All told, this makes the track a highlight on the album, although it must be said that it's by no means the best track on the album.

Having sat and listened to the album over the last few days, I have to say that there is so much that makes this album enjoyable - from the slow build up that introduces 'At First Light' before the track kicks with some furious riffing to the solid and heavy 'Brother Disarmed' with it's twin guitar attack courtesy of Roberts and Luke Durston along with some relentless drumming from MacKay.


For me, however, it's the slower paced majesticness of 'Damage Done' - which is far and away my favourite song on this album - proving that Arceye are so much more than just another Metal band churning out album after album of the same music.

Special mention must be made to drummer cum Art Director Mackay who meticulously hand-painted the albums front cover and also produced the painted portraits of each band member – so not only is this guy an awesome drummer, but he has the artistic skills to design an absolutely fantastic album cover and booklet – and it would be a crime if copies of these prints weren’t available from the bands online shop!

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At First Light
The Storm
The Longest Drive
I Silently Wait
Brother Disarmed
Prey Forgiveness
Damage Done
The Thirst

You can watch the official lyric video for “I Silently Wait” here:

Arceye are:
Al Llewellyn – Vocals/Bass
Dave Roberts – Guitar/Vocals
Luke Durston – Guitar/Vocals
Craig Mackay – Drums/Samples

Official Website:



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