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(AFM Records)
Release Date: Monday 19th August 2013

Johnny Main

johnny main

soil whole

Four years after Chicago heavy rockers Soil released their last album, the band are back with their sixth full length album, 'Whole', and since they last entered the recording studio the band have undergone some changes. Back is original vocalist Ryan McCombs joining the core members of Tim King on bass guitar and Adam Zadel on guitar leading to a return to form.

'Whole', very simply put, is eleven solid rock tracks and quite possibly their best work to date. The first single from the album, 'Shine On' (the video of which can be viewed below) has already received widespread acclaim from both fans and critics alike.

Although not typical of the sound on the album with it's slow and quiet intro, but the track soon bursts into life and demonstrates the excellent talents of stand-in drummer Will Hunt (ex-Black Label Society and currently with Evanescence).

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The addition of Hunt to the band really adds something to the band. That's not being disingenious to the previous incumbent of the drum stool, Tom Schofield, it's just that if you listen to 'Amalgamation', for example, the drumming is just so very good that you wonder if Schofield would have been able to produce anything as intricate. As for the rest of the track, it's just a high powered rush from start to finish. Soil have well and truly left their Nu-Metal influences at the door and are now a bonafide Heavy Metal band.

'Psychopath' just goes on the reinforce the last point. Coming in at around two minutes and forty five seconds, it could be something that thrash bands like Anthrax or Testament may have produced in their heyday. Gunfire drum beats and a solid guitar riff are there before the vocals add a little extra something to the mix.

There's nothing fancy here, but it makes it very catchy and very enjoyable. Zadel still gets a guitar solo but in the vein of the song even that lasts little more than eight seconds before the vocals come back in, and even that just totally suits the song. It's great stuff and let's hope this gets played live because you can imagine how great it could be with a live going crazy!

'Loaded Gun' shows the band firing on all cylinders with a great guitar riff and McCombs voice settled superbly in the mix. I pretty much guarantee that after a couple of listens, the catchy chorus will be running round your head. 'Little Liar' is a slower paced track but the rage within the lyrics, penned by King, is plain for all to hear - and just in case you don't get the message, the odd 'Fuck You' which becomes more prevalant as the song proceeds just reinforces the point.

'One Love', which closes the album, is about as near as the band get to a ballad on the album, but even this track is still remarkably heavy and just grows on you listen after listen. McCombs gives his very best on all the tracks but this one just sticks out as a fantastic vocal performance.

Hunt too, gets a final hurrah on the drums with what appears to be a chance to play (literally) every drum in his kit, making a somewhat downbeat but nonetheless very accomplished end to a very accomplished album.

You can watch the official promo video for 'Shine On' here:

Soil have announced the following US tour dates:

Thursday 15th August – The Machine Shop, Flint MI
Friday 16th August – Pierre's, Fort Wayne, IN
Saturday 17th August – Willow Island, Alliant Energy Center, Wisconsin, WI
Saturday 24th August – Shadow Hill Ranch, Twin Lakes, WI
Thursday 12th September – The Bowery, Knoxville, TN
Saturday 14th September – Festapalooza, Festival Plaza, Louisiana, CA
Sunday 15th September – Discovery Park Garden, Sacramento, CA
Tuesday 17th September – Tequila Rock Room, San Antonio, TX
Wednesday 18th September – Tree's, 2707 Elm Street, Dallas, TX
Thursday 19th September – Scout Bar, 18307 Egret Bay Blvd, Houston TX
Friday 20th September – Juanita's, 1300 Main Street, Little Rock, AR
Saturday 21st September – CPR Fest, Jones Park, Gulfpoint, MS

Soil are:
Ryan McCombs – Vocals
Adam Zadel – Lead Guitar
Tim King – Bass

Official Website:

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