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John Oakley

john oakley

reckless love

A grim and rainy Wednesday night in Reading brings a select but loyal audience of predominantly female fans plus a few of us diehard glamster guys to Sub89 – a town centre club above a trendy retrobar. Reckless Love are returning to Reading for what I believe to be the third time in two years which has guaranteed a local fanbase. Their sunny bubblegum classics are the perfect antitode to the damp and chilly outside world for us tonight.

These guys are surely born to break every girls heart in the room, and do so with aplomb - mostly with the sing-along-tasticmaterial from their latest 'Animal Attraction' album. Their vintage tune 'Beautiful Bomb', (surely a modern day 'Love Bomb Baby'!)gets an early outing tonight, and wins over any doubters in the crowd.

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Lots of Dave Lee Roth style high kicks in evidence tonight, Oli really knows how to please his audience and there is gravitas in his voice in some of the later numbers. The success of bands like this is all the girls want to shag the singer and all the guys want to be the singer. Job done tonight! The cougars in the audience are ready to pounce - talk about animal attraction at its best!

reckless love

The middle of the set sees an unremarkable drum solo that seems a bit out of place – surely these guys are too young to need David Coverdale-style comfort breaks?! But the heat is soon turned up again – with Oli stripping to the waist – as '(Hot Hot!) Hotter Than Hell' stirs the crowd into rapture 'One More Time'!

reckless love

A ray of Finnish Sunshine has been bought into rainy Reading and the crowd go away with smiles on their faces.




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