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The Intrepid Fox, London

John Oakley

john oakley


Tonight we have competition for your ticket buying £. Feeder are reminding everyone about their CD Player in Brixton and Monster Magnet are Space Lording it over Camden. But for the hansom sum of £0 the upstairs room of the Intrepid Fox is rammed to the rafters with the growing fanbase of two much younger and fresher Metal acts!

Monument start the party (there is definitely a party vibe tonight, with the gathering of Metal mates in both bands and their fans), capitalising on the news of their plum spot at next year's Hammerfest. These guys are no strangers to Primitai as two of the band were in White Wizzard when they toured together.

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It's great for 'proper' Metal to be gaining such an audience in the London scene. We get a blistering true Metal set from Monument if slightly short. Highlights for me are 'Fatal Attack' and the homage to Jon Lord - a roaring version of 'Black Night'. The single 'Rock The Night' is memorable too - bringing the crowd to a noisy crescendo! A top warm up for the Primitai lads.

Primitai are bringing Metal back to Berkshire for sure. But tonight they're showcasing their wares at the other end of the M4/train line! We get treated to a much welcomed long set with many tracks from 'The Line Of Fire' album plus several new songs from the forthcoming album to be released in the new year. 'Buried Alive' gets an early airing which is surprising for such a classic track. 'Nocturnal Hordes' and 'Sin City' are other stand outs.


There is a brilliant atmosphere in the packed crowd, no stoopid moshing or crowd surfing, just banging heads, fist pumping, horn throwing and singing along... as it should be. Old school!!

The Priest and Maiden influences show through Guy Miller's strong vocals and the ace twin leads of axe heroes Srdjan Bilić and new boy Tom Draper. Chris Chilcott's 100 mph drum style is not to my trad Metal taste really, but with Jamie Lordcastle completing the rhythm section, their combined grooves suit the Primitai sound just fine!

Peter Ellis, Monument

If either of these bands are supporting a band you're going to see in the new year or if they're on a festival bill that you're attending they are both well worth checking out!

More power to both of them! This is what London (and Berkshire!) needs.




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