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'Powerful Passionate Favourites'

John Oakley

john oakley


Doro's mega package, 'Powerful Passionate Favourites', is a beautifully packaged selection of rarities and covers from the Teutonic Temptress celebrating another of those massive birthdays with an anniversary tour timed for the release of this album.

So, provided to us for review were the following: 'It Still Hurts' is a collaboration with Mr Lemmy Kilminster and is haunting in the extreme, if perhaps suffering from a bit of bagginess in places. Some of Doro's latter day songs do suffer from this lack of craft on occasion.

For the French fanbase there is a version of 'Raise Your Fist', sung in French; unusual I guess but powerful all the same. A Germanic Doro singing in the language of love... ohh la la, it packs quite the punch!

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Doro has been singing Dio's 'Egypt' in her set for years and it's inclusion here is a tad unnecessary as you've probably already got it from the Dio Tribute. However, as a tune, it's quality Doro and the highlight of many a set.

'Babe I'm Going To Leave You' is quite not what you want to hear as a Doro fantasist, but her quiet soulful voice is beautiful before punching your lights out at the crescendo.


Where this collection comes into its own is the incredible, and inspired 'Nutbush City Limits', which with Doro's signature sound is powered up to the max. 'NYC Blues' is lovely and shows a different side to Doro's usual style and reminds me of the start of the classic Hill Street Police sitcom. Very soulful. 'Let's be careful out there' though!

This and the amazing cover of Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters' are the real highlights of the album. Doro is inspiring as a singer, her range, her passion, and her power gives her something that not many singers, male or female, in this industry have and that is the power of her longevity. I wish other female singers would take Doro's lead to actually sing, not scream or be the fairie operatic wallpaper backdrop in copycat 'everneswish' stylee.

So, all hail Doro, Queen of Metal. I'm sure many converts will be down the front of her London shows, myself included.

This is a great celebration of Doro's favourite tunes, her legendary status of the only female front lady to have played Monsters of Rock, and her 30 year longevity. Go and buy it and complete your collection!




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