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John Oakley

john oakley


I met up with Gill from The Amorettes at the Steelhouse Festival, where they played an excellent set, flying the flag for all girl rock bands and seemingly having a whale of a time.

They were lucky enough to step up to play the plum mid-afternoon on the Saturday slot as The Electric Boys were sadly delayed by freak air traffic.

John:How was your Steelhouse Festival? You had a great slot filling in for the delayed Electric Boys!

Gill: We did! We were very lucky, right time and right place I suppose. Worked well for us!

John: Can you introduce the band and where you're from, and tell us some more about you?

Gill: I'm Gill, I play guitar and main vocals, we are from West Lothian, Scotland and have been gigging for about five years now. Hannah and I started the band a few years after we met at music collage, and were hunting for like minded girls to join us. It never really came together until a few years ago when Heather joined in. We have been getting stronger ever since.

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John: Who are your musical influences?

Gill: Im a huge Zeppelin fan, along with Van Halen and Ronnie James Dio, Although have been obsessed with girl bands such as Rock Goddess and Girlschool growing up. wishing there was more girls to take inspiration from tho.

John: I thought you were reminiscent of early Girlschool, especially your guitarist who reminded my a lot of the late great Kelly Johnson. Were they influential?

Gill: YES! She is my ultimate hero. I only wish I could have met her. :(

John: How's the BSR support tour being going, and working with rock wild man Ricky Warwick?

Gill: We only did the one date in Holmfirth but think we went down rather well. Everyone, from the crowd to the guys in BSR and their management were very complimentary about us! Ricky is great, Well, he is a fellow Celt after all. I'm a big fan of The Almighty, but he is well charming.


John: Girls in the rock industry have had a notoriously hard time, do you think it's easier now, or do we still need to celebrate the Kerrang 'lady-killers' of old?

Gill: I think as girls you need to work twice as hard to get the recognition, and there are a lot of girl bands out there trying to break through, but don't get the chance as sadly some of them aren't taken seriously. We surely have experienced a lot of that attitude... until we play... that tends to change a few minds.

John: What have you got planned for your next album?

Gill: We have some great new songs and are thinking about recurring them with a mix of some older songs, which we think would sound a lot better with a decent producer. We are still writing at the moment too, but it will be out by the end of the year.

John: I read you are playing Bloodstock next? What can our readers and new listeners expect?

Gill: A rock and roll boot to the face, not literally, we don't want to hurt our listeners, we aim to stun with our music and like to grab people's attention. You WILL have a good time. Pinky promise!!

John: Apart from festivals, where can our readers catch you?

Gill: We have a number of smaller appearances up and down the country sandwiched between our busy recording times. Looking to get to a lot more places next year so please keep an eyeball on our Facebook and website.

John: I really enjoyed your set, well done for stepping up to the plate on the earlier set! I'll be sure to follow your progress in future and thanks for taking the time to do this interview!

Gill: You are very welcome John :)

If you are going to Bloodstock, make sure you check the ladies out in the Jagermeister Stage on Saturday. A real treat, or keep an eye on Facebook and read my review of their superb Steelhouse set here.



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