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(Rising Records)
Released: 12th December 2011

Phil Kane

phil kane

This lot are British, 'Legacy' is their second album and it is an absolute cracker. They've taken the big sound of classic American AOR, shot it through with a big hairy dose of traditional British heavy Metal and cranked the whole lot right up.


Mercifully, there is only one ballad - the rest of 'Legacy' motors along as if its life depended on it. I have heard this album compared to the likes of Icon and Tobruk, but it is too heavy, the polished production granting the album a chunky quality that had me initially thinking this lot were Australian.

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Think FM after a shag cracking off some Lizzy-style guitar harmony work and then turning it up and you will be pretty much in the right ball park. With the exception of the obligatory balladry of 'Seasons', 'Legacy' stomps along with the enthusiasm of a skinhead breaking in his new DMs.

For a killer track you could pick anything really, but the new single 'America' is excellent, as are 'Into The Fire' and 'Limit'. The ten-minute-plus epic, 'Stream Of Stars', allows the band to spread out a bit and some of the vocal work, despite very occasionally flipping into an irritating grunty doom thing, evokes the ghost of Queen. The musicianship overall is first class.

I do, however, have an issue with 'Legacy'. It's being released in Japan with two extra tracks. What's that all about then? What the fuck is so special about Japan? It is the sort of nasty little promotional trick that really annoys. That niggle aside, 'Legacy' is the second AOR album this week that could easily be a contender for the best I've heard this year.

Don't mess about, just get it.



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