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(Frontiers Records)
Released: 4th November 2011

Phil Kane

phil kane

This album, Mecca's second, is an elegant dose of eighties AOR. If the likes of Asia, Toto, Mr Mister and Foreigner grab your grits, you'll love 'Undeniable'. Its keyboard-driven rock has an eighties groove that comes dangerously close to dating it, but the top-drawer production, the musicianship, a gaggle of qualification-heavy guests and some accomplished songwriting manage to keep the album in the here and now.


'Undeniable' is not the heaviest melodic rock album you will ever hear, nor is it unfulfilling candy floss. 'W2W' and 'Life's Too Short' are chunky enough to keep the fluff at bay, while 'Perfect World' and 'Ten Life Times' could easily grace any Asia album. There are frequent softer moments, but there is enough grit to stop the album getting stuck in its own sugary goo.

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Long gestation periods do not guarantee a classic album (step forward Chinese Democracy), but the six years it has taken to put 'Undeniable' together has been more than worthwhile because it is a gorgeous piece of art. The problem with such proficient stuff is that sometimes its technical excellence can sanitize it to the point of it becoming a total whiteout.

On 'Undeniable', there is a heart but you will have to dig to find it. Nonetheless, this is an absolute masterpiece of its genre, a master class in bright and shiny AOR wizardry.




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