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'Ghosts From The Past'
(AOR Heaven)
Released: 28th November 2011

Phil Kane

phil kane

The history of Fate reads like a divorce court treatise on a fractious marriage. To say the band seems to operate a revolving door policy is like saying Adolf Hitler's views on racial equality were a bit right of centre. Still, all seems a little more settled at the moment.


Fate originally hail from Copenhagen and are another cracking little Scandinavian band that have taken on all-comers at their own game. They have been going since around 1984 and were leading lights on the Scandirock scene for years, being likened to Van Halen. With 'Ghosts From The Past', however, I think a chunkier, less fussy White Lion might be a more accurate comparison.

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'Ghosts From The Past' is a good stompy album allowing the punchy guitars to be underpinned with eighties-style keyboards, giving the album just a hint of fluff around the edges. Mercifully, with only two ballads, the band let the album have its head and provide us with a bag full of standout tracks, 'The Last Time', 'Children Of The Night' 'Murder' and 'Daddy's Girl' being the most notable.

There's a good chance that the album will never set the dance floors alight, but it is perfect for playing loud whilst you are putting your slap on ready for a night out. A cracking chunk of heavy AOR that would not disgrace the decks of any Metalhead.



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