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'The Moment You Realize You're Going To Fall'
(Rocket Science/THC Records) Release Date: 14th August 2012

Phil Kane

phil kane

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Wes Borland is of Limp Bizkit and Black Lights Burns is his project. He likes to paint himself up like a burnt match and yes, he is a bit weird. Yet, if you are expecting something like his day job then you might as well stop reading now and bugger off back to yer copies of The Jeremy Kyle Show because you really should know better.

'The Moment You Realize You're Going To Fall' (great title by the way) is Black Light Burns' third release; an album that is a bit different to the band's previous stuff. It's quite a raw, experimental piece that has you checking the blurb to see if a certain Al Jourgenson hasn't been involved somewhere along the line.

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Says Borland in a recent interview: "It's a very personal record for me in comparison to the first record ('Cruel Melody'), which I had a lot of help on from Danny Lohner from Nails (Nine Inch Nails), who was producing it. I had a lot of collaborations with outside artists and a lot of different people playing on it, but this one, I recorded it mostly in solitary.

"I wasn't getting help from hardly anyone, and most of the songs were not only written, but recorded, completely in isolation and without any outside help. So it's a personal record because it's Black Light Burns, but I'm the only one to blame for this (laughs), in a way. It's just me. If you love it or you hate it, I don't have anyone else to point the finger at."

And what a dark place the isolated Borland must have found himself. The music on 'The Moment...' is pretty bleak experimental mix of the Gothic, industrial and electronica. There are parts, 'The Girl Is Black' for instance, that hark back to eighties pop Goth and others that prowl the edges of percussive altiness, such as 'The Colour Escapes'.

Borland's vocal has been criticised for being unsettling yet here its Andrew Eldritch qualities fit the piece perfectly. It has an understated menace that compliments the overall dark tension of the songs but then it'll take on a stridency ('Tiger By The Tail' for instance) in the choruses that suggests an angst ridden Bowie.

Throughout the album the music swings from the bass heavy, drum led clang of experimental industrial Metal to the deeply atmospheric ambience that has a profoundly grim texture to its weave. Even the title track, which closes the album, has a ghostly air that can be a bit unsettling.

This is not an easy album to listen to but if you are used to handling the likes of Trent Reznor and NIN, then this should prove a piece of cake. The Zappaesque tongue-in-cheekiness that twists in and out of the record makes you wonder just what the fuck goes on inside this boys head sometimes.

There is a deep space android loneliness to this album, a metallic desolation illustrated by 'Torch From The Sky' and 'Bakelite', an emptiness that probably more than anything else tells us more about the state of this man's soul, a hollowness that will never be filled.

I dunno what Borland was doing to himself whilst he was locked away creating 'The Moment You Realize You're Going To Fall' but the result is pretty damn impressive. It is not an album for all occasions and you will find it is not the obvious choice of record to put on at parties but as a contemplative piece of art, it is pretty much the dog's bollocks.

Yet it is not the cleverness and experimentation that tells us Borland is a musical genius. No, what does that is the fact that 'The Moment You Realize You're Going To Fall' has an accessibility that does not alienate the average listener; a strong connectivity, a cohesion that lets it flow when it could so easily have collapsed into an unlistenable morass of unconnected concepts and themes.

Like most good art, you are gonna have to work to get the full benefit of Borland's work but I think you will find the effort worthwhile. I think, for some, a case of suck it and see.



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